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So it is true then, that holiday weekends parks are generally less crowded. My 4.5 hour drive to LA was very much worth it with a weekend full of coaster riding and people watching. Our first stop on our drive was at Magic Mountain. I was so happy to see X testing. Lord knows I would crash an E-2c into it if it were down. Anyway, me and my coaster nut friend Davis found it quite annoying that Magic Mountain’s metal detectors did not have a pass through for keys etc. Therefore, everyone beeped, hence slowing the line down even more. He tried to blame it on poor engineering, but I had to stick up for my peoples, and pass the buck to poor planning.

Anyway, we headed to go buy some fast passes for Goliath, Scream, Riddler, and Roaring Rapids. Our Main focus was to get on X by any means necessary. We dashed to the line only to find that it was not moving due to technical difficulty. What a surprise! Anyway, people started to leave the line in droves. We decided that we would stay since we done drove 4.5 hours to ride this bleedin’ ride. As people left we got closer and closer to the station. Next thing we heard the lift hill engine turned on. There was a loud applause and shrieks of glee. The op sent us to the right, and I didn’t understand right away why the line was split. Then it came to me…..D’uh the train is loaded from both sides. We waited for about 20 more minutes, and before we knew it, we were next in line. The music was pumpin’ and people in line were dancing in Xcitement. It was amazing how the seat rotated in the station, much like Stealth at Great America. Another thing that was remarkable about this ride is how gigantic the trains are.

The climb up the lift was very loud. Amazing how Chris Sawyer captured the exact sound in RCT2. We got a nice view of the park since X and Viper are the two of the highest rides (In elevation) at Magic Mountain. Then we did that lil’ dip and before I knew it, I was looking terra firma in the face. I’m sure you all know the layout of this ride so I won’t go thru the whole thing. I seriously lost my walk with the Lord on this ride. I have never cussed, screamed, and yelled so much in my life. After this ride was over, we raced to go ride it again even though the line had grown considerably by this time. After a 1.5 hr wait we decided to try the left side. Holy Bejesus, I have never noticed such a drastic difference in ride experience. The left side was significantly rougher, especially in the last raven turn.. I am sure most of you know that already. For those who have not ridden this yet, head to the right at the line split. The verdict: Sorry Nitro, you have been booted to #2. I don’t think this ride experience will ever be paralleled. 10/10

Our next ride was Goliath. This was a good ride. I don’t think its one of the better hyper coasters, but the first drop is pretty good. They braked us hard on the MCBR, but the train picked up speed pretty quickly. The centrifuge was FIERCE!…..I give this ride 8/10

Next was Batman. They were running one train and we couldn’t use out fast passes. The line was hella long, but anything for my favorite invert. We head straight to the back. This ride was rippin’ today, perhaps due to the 100 degree San Fernando valley heat. My head never touched the restraint once…amazing how this ride felt like new. 9/10

Our next ride was Riddler. I have to admit this was the second surprise of the day. Mantis used to be my favorite standup. However Mr Riddles was not the tame vanilla coaster that I remembered. I felt some intense positive and negative g’s on this thing. I also forgot that there was a helix between the first and second corkscrews, My favorite element would have to be the little banked bunny hop before the MCBR. That took me by surprise. And Dang that this thing is loud……w00t!!!11 9/10

Since it was so hot we then decided to go on Roaring Rapids. This ride had a 2.5-hour wait, but thanks to our fast passes, we only waited 2 minutes. Ofcourse we got stank looks from the guests who were waiting. Oh well, you elected not to spend the 15 bux. Anyways this ride was so corny. I thought Great Adventure had the corniest rapids ride, but I was proven wrong. Atleast I got wet a little. 7/10

Our next ride was Psyclone. Ya know, this ride is certainly not Roar, but it is not as bad as people claim. So what if it’s bouncy. So what if it’s trimmed on every hill. So what if it has no air whatsoever. At least I got of and my limbs were still in tact and my brain was still contained in my head. 7/10

After this we went to check in the hotel and nap for about 2 hours. We then returned for another round at about 7. The families were beginning to leave and the temperature was cooling down. Ofcourse we head for X first thing. The line was a whopping ½ hour this time. There were three people ahead of us and this one gentleman pissed me off by not filling in the empty seat infront of him. I guess he wanted the whole row for himself. So we had to wait an extra train. Ofcourse when it was our turn to board, the bleedin' thing broke down. I was so mad. At this time it was 8:30 and I know that they would probably close it for the night. Plus we bought more fast passes with the hope of hitting Riddler, Scream, Goliath and Revolution. We waited for about 10 minutes while the Ops ran around like lost sheep waiting for a Border Collie to direct them. Then, glory to God, the ride opened again. The same guy who help us up cut in line and was about to cut infront of us again. Ofcourse I had to get Brooklyn up in there and shout him out. He was escorted by the ops out of the station. The nerve of this shrub. X at night is awesome. Then we noticed a red glow to our left and thought it fireworks or weird lighting. Anyway, this ride was a perfect 10….again.

We then hit Goliath, Riddler and Scream, thanks to our fast passes in under 30 minutes. Scream was weird. It was a good ride, but this is the roughest beemer I have ever been on. It had some good lateral forces, much like my baby over in New Jersey. But there was this jarring vibration that took off massive cool points. Magic Mt., ya’ll need to fix that. 7.5/10.

In Conclusion, this was a really good visit. It so happened that the red glow that we saw while we were on X was a brush fire that was presumeably started by the fireworks. Luckily the park and nearby homes were out of danger. On another note, ya know, if Magic Mountain had the customer service, and the cleanliness, of …lets say Knotts, it would be the greatest park in the world. I wish the Six Flags Execs would see how much potential this park has, and do a better job of operating it. But what do I know……. I am just a yupster.
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Antuan said:

I seriously lost my walk with the Lord in this ride. I have never cussed, screamed, and yelled so much in my life.

Best. X Review. Ever.

Mike Miller - Still LOL!

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Agreed, and I'd ride X way more often if it was 60 miles to the south at Knotts.

A random Mooshter's Dawntionary listing: Coffee [n.] a person who is coughed upon.

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Dang, pretty bold line jumper. He actually attempted to weasle in front of you after forcing you to wait longer for your ride? The nerve! Sadly, this just seems to be the way most parks are, not just Six Flags, but all of them. Most ride ops everywhere just don't seem to care.

It's always nice to rat someone out and get them yanked out of line. I hate it when you point out a line jumper and the ops just shrug their shoulders.

Ironically, me and a friend attempted to re-board Riddler after riding once. There was a row with 3 empty seats and the load gates were already closed. We figured that if the train would be leaving with 3 empty sets, why not just fill 2 of them? Well, one of the ops saw us and totally flipped out, I mean she flipped OUT! She was screaming at us at the top of her lungs for us to get out and wait in line if we wanted to ride again. (the line was 1:45 at the time, my longest wait ever for Riddler) Yes, we were "in the wrong" but she was out of control.

SCREAM with me... in 2003!

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Actually, Soggy, on my most recent visit to Knotts at the end of June park security was *everywhere* and enforcing line rules. And, if that weren't enough, I witnessed many ride ops tell people who explained they'd left the line just to "go to the bathroom or get a drink" that they had to enter at the back of the line.

I was pleasantly shocked and pleased. One of the best visits I've had at the park, ever!


A random Mooshter's Dawntionary listing: Coffee [n.] a person who is coughed upon.

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