SOB Trains?

16 inch is chance/morgan CP Huntington Gauge

Also found on the Whiskey River Railway at Little Amerricka but with much bigger engines

Parktrains ( listed CP Huntington as 22 / 24" gauge, but that may be an incorrect statement on their site, or the trains may operate on multiple gauges based on different wheels and axles.

But, back to the real topic and another thought. Not that this is the case, but could there be enough spare PTC parts left over from the Beast trains to outfit SOB with PTC trains? KI already has PTC's on Beast and Racer, and I could definately see an advantage of having all the same make from a car perspective. Plus, when you look at Cedar Fair in general, outside of Geauga Lake, all of the wooden coaster trains I can think of are PTC's, and the sme goes for all of the old Paramount Parks.

As I posted elsewhere, PTC was approached to build new trains for SOB but turned down the offer. I'm guessing they went that route after they determined that standard PTC's wouldn't work.

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