Soakfest, GCI, Phantomgasms & Flyers On Crack!

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Dates: 10/7-10/10, 2005
Partners In Crime: Katie, April, Bill, Gary, and many, many others. Also, a cameo by NASAI!

October 7.......Kennywood (or so we thought)

That last coaster trip I had was in early August when I met up with Bill (Gator) at Williams Grove. Before that I hadn't had a Hyper since Supey at SFA in early June. I was STARVING. Two of my best friends (April & Katie aka CoastinKatie) and I planned a PPP getaway two months prior, and I booked the motel right away. As you all know the motels around that area go FAST months in advance before PPP. It just so happened I lucked out with the Danville Days Inn.

Anyway, I was psyched and left Charleston early Friday. I got a call from Ed telling me he couldn't make it (the and a call from Katie telling me about the rain in Da Burgh. She pre-purchased Fright Night tickets for that night but was worried about the weather. She also said if we couldn't attend that night we could go Sunday night since the tickets were good for that night as well. I told her we should just play it by ear and see what happens.

The drive to West Mifflin was rainy and annoying, but I managed to find Katie's house WITHOUT any help this time (remember the right rights and left lefts.....look for three exits and take the middle one, then go straight left but not left left?) Well, I think I know how to FINALLY get around suburban Pittsburgh now, as least the Squirrel Hill/Homestead/West Mifflin area. Heh.

Anyway, I got to her place around 2pm, and April followed about an hour later coming from Southern Ohio. Katie treated us to her VERY gasmic turkey and cheddar sandwiches (on buttered, garlic Italian bread)......HEAVEN! We soon learned that Kennywood decided to close the park for the evening due to the rain. I called Beth (Toons) but they already knew. It turned out that the group had pre-purchased tickets as well. It sort of bummed us out, but since "Plan B" was to attend Kennywood Sunday night instead, it really didn't matter. The funny thing is it NEVER rained that evening. Sure, it was cold, wet, and damp but it never rained a drop, until Saturday morning.

That evening April decided to go to dinner with Pete (another Burgh native) and some friends to the Southside, er "Souside" to this Japanese Steak House. Katie and I decided to stay in and order some crappy food, watch some movies, drink Rum Island Iced Tea, and chill. We had a LONG day ahead of us. I passed out soon enough.

October 8.......Knoebels baby!

We got our lazy asses up around 5am or so (I don't remember) to get cleaned up and load up April's rental with our stuff. I had more than I usually pack during a *local* weekend getaway (My Ghettopoly board, a sleeping bag and blow up bed for anyone who wanted to use it, a pillow, my HUGE black bag full of fall and winter clothes, etc.) April's rented Neon BARELY held all of our stuff in the trunk, but it was fine.

After a quick stop at McD's, we were on our way for our 4-ish+ hour trip to Knoebels. It was dark and raining and I was grouchy and tired (as but we tried to occupy our time by making as many jokes as acting as silly as possible. It's amazing what three, young, single chicks will gossip about when they are on a road trip together. Just imagine Thelma & Louise, Boys On The Side, & Sex & The get the idea. No guy is safe from the man-bashing. ;-)

All kidding aside, (not!) we talked about everything under the sun, from how Taco Bell causes severe gas to why men love "rough" coasters to how beautiful the fall foilage was on I-80, to who can out-belch who to what was the coolest 80's song of all time.....Good times! Anything to pass the time! Sometimes I forget that Katie is 8-10 years younger than April and I. She knows her 80's stuff!

Despite the crappy weather and typical PA construction we were making GREAT time, and we arrived at our motel about an hour and a half before PPP registration. Since the motel room was in my name I went to check in. I usually like to check in as early as possible if a room is available. I don't like leaving my luggage in my car until the usual "check in" time. It's just a pet peeve of mine.I like to check in, unload my stuff, chill out for a bit, and move on.

Knowing that this was a BUSY weekend for the Elysburg area, however, I expected the clerk to tell me I had to come back at 3pm to check in, which he did. After he processed my credit card he then told me that one room was available, much to my (and my friends) relief! We unloaded our luggage and junk and chilled out for a bit. I decided to have another Rum Island Iced Tea while we tried to locate the guys (Gary and Bill.) We couldn't reach Bill but we DID reach Gary, who was staying at a motel near ours. We told him to meet us in the lobby of our motel and he could follow us to PPP.

Neither of us had ever met Gary nor did we know what he looked like. Luckily when we reached the lobby we saw this dude with a TTD shirt on looking at us like he knew us. I assumed that was him. I was right!

Once we met up with Gary (known as Garbo to some) we drove the 20 minutes to Knoebels. It was still raining but NOT pouring. Once we got to the HUGE parking lot we both managed to find a spot relatively close to the front (I guess some people left EARLY?)

This was Katie's first time to the park so I was eager to get her on the obvious (Phoenix) ASAP. We wandered around for a bit. I saw a few familiar faces, Josh and Brent, and asked them WHERE in the world do we register? Once we got our all day (and night) handstamps we were READY to fly. Katie and I got in the back seat. As we bundled up (meaning that I wear sunglasses to protect my contacts from the rain and wind) we took off.

MY. F******. GOD! Phoenix was running like a wild bull. I really didn't care about the rain and cold at this point. It was running as sweet as ever, better than EVER! At this point the station was empty and we got MANY rerides without any wait. I was SOAKED by the fifth or sixth. What a piece of sweet wood.......those last 5 or 6 bunny hops are just, well, I can't repeat the exact words this this is somewhat a family site. Let's just say I was VERY satisfied. ;-)

Bill called my cell and said he would meet up with us at Phoenix, which he did, along with Coastin Steve (great guy!) We all hit Phoenix again, and again, and I think......AGAIN! I am VERY fussy about woodies, but I could easily marathon on this hunky piece of wood indefinitely. YES! I finally met up with Bill as we took a spin on Phoenix again. AWESOME! It was great to see Bill again, as always.

After one of my many rounds on Phoenix I noticed a familiar dude sitting in front of the was Dexter! I was very excited to meet him and recognized him from his Cbuzz pic right away. VERY cool dude! I had been wanting to meet him for a long time. Travis is very sweet and tried to get us to get his buddy DJ to ride Phoenix to no avail. Did he EVER get the guts to ride? Anyway, it was REALLY cool finally getting to meet you, Travis! You rock! I also think this was about the time I met up with some othes I had been wanting to see, including Beth, Mike (Boblogone), Lisa (addicted2ttd) and her son, Jake. I also met up with Craig (IggyAce) and family, Vic (RavenAir), Frank (Sparky 697) and Lori & her husband Steve, as well as their daughter, Jordan. It was great seeing everyone, since I hadn't seen most of those guys since Solace. I hugged everyone and caught up. Sweet!

We then decided to do the Looper. Katie and I got into one of the *wheels*. I must admit I was impressed watching it but there was NO way we could get the damn thing to flip over. TOO much work. Plus it was MURDER on my back. It looked like a hamster wheel on crack that I doubt I will ever do again. I met up with some more peeps including Moosh, Dave (Flare), and Dawn. Great peeps! I also ran into Danny who told me about how him, Jeff, and Kristin had just tried to visit Great Adventure but literally had the gates slammed in their face!

Onto the Flyers On Crack......

I have done these Flyers before but not THIS intense. It must of been the light rain or the high winds, but these puppies were FLYING and SNAPPING like you wouldn't believe. There are even points where I was literally holding on for dear life and worried about the cables breaking. We were f****** FLYING!!!!! and swooping like mad. I was scared to death and wondering if I was going to take out a branch, let alone someone waiting in the queue!

It was on SICK INSANE I WANT TO F*** YOU UP! mode. It was SO sick, so sadistic, yet so AWESOME! In my life I have never had such a thrill on ANY flat rides, as well as most coasters. The rain was pellets were pounding in our faces, the wind was ripping through us, and these tubs were flying the highest and fastest I have EVER seen on ANY Flyer. Snapping was NO problem. WHAT A RUSH! WOW! We did the Flyers many times that day. Damn. For those of you who had the pleasure that day you know what I am talking about.

We then decided to do Twister. I had never thought much of the coaster but this time it was kicking my ass all over the place. SO smooth, yet so intense! WOW!

After a Twister ride or two I was literally soaked and ready for some warm, dry change of clothes. Bill and I went back to the motel for a bit while Katie and Gary went on their way. After chilling out for a bit, having another Run Island Iced Tea and a change of DRY clothes, we arrived back at the park around 4pm.

Bill and I walked around for a while, taking in some photos and more Twister and Phoenix rides. We met up with Dan (Coasterpunk) and his friend, Martha at the Carousel. It was great seeing them again! I have always loved carousels since my first one at Disney World at 2 years old. This was really exciting because I had NEVER done the Grand Carousel at Knoebels. Once we got on Bill took a horse on the outside while I took one beside him on the inside. He looked at me funny like "don't you want to catch a ring?" Then I realized it was THAT carousel. DAMN! What the f*** was I thinking? I quickly changed horses. This was my very first attempt at catching the ring and after a few failed attempts I got the hang of it. Very COOL! Much fun.

Bill and Dan decided to do the bumper cars while I waited and Martha took off with some friends. We then did one of my favorite rides in the park......the Haunted House! OH so cool!

Bill mentioned that a group of peeps talked about getting together at Cesari's under the picnic shelter, but we didn't see anyone. At that time we were both hungry, so we decided to use our pizza coupons anyway. The pizza was pretty good, and sitting near good friend Marty Moltz was entertaining in itself. I love that guy!

We thought about doing the skylift (I LOVE that thing!) but with it raining so much I didn't think it would be a good idea. Oh well. lol. My crappy rain jacket was NOT working, and I thought about breaking out my geeky Six Flags bright blue poncho. I really don't like ponchos unless it's POURING, but with my newly attained kick-ass FLEECE sweater under my crappy rain jacket I was (mostly) keeping dry at this point.....mostly. Timberland boots are great but the ones I have are anything other than waterproof. Wet socks are NOT a good thing.

Soon we met up with Katie and Gary again, along with April, Pete, and a cool guy named Brian who I just met for the first time. At this point it was about 5pm and the coasters shut down until 6 or something like that. We hung out and talked for a while, while Bill shopped. It was nice to sit down for a while out of the rain and just shoot the s***. At some point Bill decided he wanted to go back to his car to retrieve something while the rest of us went to High Speed Thrill Coaster. Someone said it was going to open at 6pm which it never did. We waited about 10 minutes before we decided to go elsewhere.

I didn't see Bill the rest of the night for some reason.....we just kept missing each other. lol. As the parade started we decided to hit the antique cars. The line was not bad at that point. I met up again with my Ohio kids, Kristin and Jeff, along with Brad and...what was that dude's name again? Zach? I am terrible with names. Sorry, dude.

I was REALLY looking forward to this as someone told me that "creatures" will jump onto your car. Well, that never happened. Although the decor was awesome and there were a few people who "scared" us it was rather uneventful, but still fun. Good times! About this time I think we decided to get something to drink under the picnic grove near Phoenix while awaiting ERT. I actually got coffee, which is VERY rare for me.

The rain wasn't letting up, and I was convinced I was going to get sick (which is rare for me as well). I noticed there were a LOT less costumes than last year. Could it have been the weather? The BEST costumes were with Moosh and friends. I was still not sure what they were but they looked like a new wave group from the 80's. Heh. Someone later told me they were "Fascination". Ahhh, I get it. ;-) VERY cool.

I met up with some peeps again including Craig and Karen. Craig said he had a present for me which automatically made me worry. He told me a few days before he had something for me but I guess I just blocked it out. lol. Well, he handed me a little box wrapped in paper that had a photo of Duracell batteries. I didn't know what to expect. Once I opened it I recognized the little character on the box (thanks to a post Jimvy provided a few months back). It was a Japanese condom....Honeycap. I was immediately amused. The condom wrapper itself is just hilarious. If ONLY I could read Japanese. I am dying to know what the little condom dude is saying on the wrapper, as well the Japanese version of "instuctions". lol. I told Craig I could NEVER use the condom since it was so funny. On the other hand I am curious to see what the condom itself looks like. I may just open it up and fill it up with air for the hell of it. Still, it was a very sweet gift and it made my night!

Now it was time for some hard-core ERTing. I was freezing, wet, and started to question my (as well as everyone else who was there) sanity. I mean, who in their RIGHT mind would ride these coasters at night in light to medium rain, cold, damp, pneumonia-causing weather just to get a gasm? Why are we here? Why aren't we all in warm beds instead of subjecting our bodies to this abuse? ;-) There was only one simple answer.......we are literally nuts! Phoenix at night is like a surreal dream. You could not see ANYTHING except the sky and whatever lights are still left on in the park during that time. It was crazy. The fog only added to the drama.

The park was decked out and the tunnel had strobe lights and other effects. My fave part of Phoenix is the "finale" meaning the last 5 or 6 hills at the end. It's like being made love to, er, f***** beyond belief. AWESOME airtime! It almost rivals the Screechin Eagle.

After many Phoenix and Twister rides it was time to call it a night and head back to the motel. Gary and Brian joined us as we intended on playing Ghettopoly but ended up talking about the night and how insane the Flyers and Phoenix was. Bill finally showed up. I hadn't seen him all evening so it was nice to get some cuddles. Actually it was nice to have on warm, dry clothes, especially socks.

I started in on the Rum Island Iced Tea again while the others ordered take out from Perkins. I don't like to eat late at night so I passed. We never played Ghettopoly but had some interesting conversations. That's all I will say Soon Brian and Gary left and the rest of us were ready for some sleep. April decided she wanted my blow-up mattress which was fine, but like an idiot I forgot the air pump, so she had to crash with Katie, while Bill and I crashed in the other. I remember waking up hearing those three snoring like crazy. Sheesh! lol. I didn't expect to get much sleep on this trip anyway. :-P

October 9.......GCI Tour, Lakemont Ridefest, and Phantomgasms!

I got up around 7am (since I have insomnia I always get up early, whether I like it or not) to take a shower. Slowly the other girls arose from the dead. Bill was still sound asleep (as usual). lol. We were all sore, bruised, tired, fussy, and sleepy. Bill mentioned (in his rare moments of consciousness) that he wasn't feeling too well, as in he was getting a cold. Yikes. I was SURE I was getting one as well considering I felt "chilled" and my throat was sore, that would immediately go away. Thank goodness for a strong immune system and 33 1/2 years of taking vitamins.

So the girls and I packed up and loaded up the rental and told Bill he could sleep in before 11am. I told him I would turn in the keys and all he had to do was shut the door, and to meet us next door at Friendly's for breakfast. We also called Gary and told him to meet us there. The girls and I ordered our breakfasts. I was STARVING considering the last meal I had was the pizza at Cesari's the afternoon before at Knoebels. We pigged out. I am usually a very light eater but sometimes I just have to go nuts. The southwestern omelette, potatoes, and toast really hit the spot. It was AWESOME food which was much needed.

After our meal Bill showed up but we decided to leave at that point to make it to the GCI tour in Sunbury. We wasn't sure if it was a "tour" in groups or if it was an open house kind of thing. Gary pulled into the Friendly's parking lot soon after. I decided to ride with Bill and gave the girls the directions, as well as Gary if we became seperated. My directions were a cross between what I interpreted on a map and what Dan had written on Coasterbuzz. Luckily the directions were right on the mark, and we got at the GCI offices a little after 10am. At that time we also met up with Vic!
They gave us free "coasters" as in drinking coasters as well as a nice mini-poster of my fave woody.....Thunderhead. They also provided doughnuts and coffee for anyone who needed it, and a few "screws" from whatever coasters they were from.

Dan was there as well as two other dudes (and I am so sorry I forgot their names!) and provided us with a VERY cool tour. There wasn't any cameras allowed (which was understandable) but we saw first hand how things operate. Personally, I was in heaven! As many of you know I am a GCI fangirl. I remember commenting to Katie and Bill about how I was "at home!"

While walking down their hallway looking at the sweet and luscious photos and posters of all their babies, I was having the time of my life. Our tour guide was awesome, and he eventually took us down to where they were building the new Beech Bend coaster (still yet unnamed!) He also invited us to be the first ones to sit in one of the seats which Vic and I happily obliged. WOW!

After spending 45 minutes or so at the GCI place we decided to leave. More enthusiasts were showing up as we were leaving. I said my goodbyes to Dan and the GCI crew and went outside with my group to take some photos of the sign. Too funny. At this time Bill and Gary had to head east to Dorney while the rest of us headed southwest to Lakemont. I pulled out my Rand McNally Atlas and everyone found their routes. We said our goodbyes to Gary and Bill and headed our way. I was sad to see Bill go especially.

April rode with Pete and Vic followed them. Katie and I stopped off for gas and told the rest of them to go on and not wait for us since I KNEW where we were going. ;-) The trip was tiring (we were already tired) but the weather was nice and it felt great to roll down the windows in the crisp fall air in DRY clothes not having to worry about rain. It was quite liberating. I also got a call from Frank saying he would be at Kennywood later that night along with the rest of the group after they finished with Dorney.....Lori, Beth, Mike, etc. You guys are TRUE troopers, I must say!

Since we made the same route going from Pittsburgh to Knoebels I remembered the reverse directions. I-80, Rt 220 South, I-99 South. We had to help Vic along the way since he lost Pete and April and didn't realize Rt. 220 was the exit. Thanks to Katie, we got him on a different route. Once we got to the Lakemont Park exit I was confused. I couldn't remember whether the park was located at the right or left at the light, or should I go straight? There were no signs. To make a long story short, we finally found our way to Lakemont after asking directions and me finally recognizing the ballfield. They REALLY should put up signs directing you to that park off the exit.

Anyway, we parked in the Roller Rink's (they still have those?) parking lot as I had done last year. Once I got out of the car I heard someone yell "TINA!" "TINAAA!!!!!" I looked around like "WTF?" Then I realized it must of be Craig since he said he had "another" surprise for me. I looked over to the road and saw some crazy dude running down the lawn towards me. As I looked closer I realized it wasn't Craig, but.......OMG! ROB (aka Nasai) I was beyond ecstatic. I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. He told me he had planned on going to PPP on Saturday but decided to go to Kennywood instead since he had never been there, and then Lakemont on Sunday. Anyway, I was laughing and beside myself. I guess you could compare it to one of these shows where a fan's favorite celebrity runs out and surprises them out of nowhere, while they have no clue. It was awesome, and one of the most "perfect moments" I have ever experienced. I introduced him to Katie and after catching up for a minute or two he had to leave to catch his flight. Katie later said something to the effect of "Oh THAT was Nasai? Cool!" I had a smile on my face for a long time. That was one of the highpoints of the weekend.....TOTALLY unexpected. I later learned that some peeps were "in the know" which I find awesome. I am glad I didn't know, I LOVED the surprise!

Once Katie and I found the admin's office we paid our money and got our nametags (Pete and April already pre-registered). It was 2pm and the dude (Barry I think it was? Like I said, I am terrible with names.) said lunch was starting and directed us as to where to go (which was the Casino). I noticed the park was DEAD, but I looked over and noticed the Toboggan was running, which was the ONLY new credit I needed on this trip. I have YET to do a Toboggan.They are ALWAYS closed for one reason or another. Pete said if I wanted to do it I should do it now, but I was more interested in eating at that point, and thought I would catch it later. BIG mistake.

We got down to the Casino ballroom and had an awesome lunch....lasagna, salad, rolls, veggies, and cakes for those who like sweets (which I don't). It was a very nice lunch, and a small but nice crowd. I immediately gave Craig another huge hug for my "Nasai surprise" as well as giving me Moosh's Knoebels Groves Pilgramage CD which Katie and I eventually listened to on our way from Lakemont to Kennywood. I do like LadyTron and Goldfrapp now, thanks to him and Jimvy. ;-)

The event was nice, although I was kind of bummed that the flats were dismantled. Vic finally found his way (after giving him a hundred different directions....poor guy! lol.) and joined us for lunch. We did Leap The Dips, Skyliner, and of the course the Little Leaper, which gave me a nasty bruise believe it or not. The Toboggan, much to our dismay, had closed at 2pm right before lunch. Vic, Katie, and I were kind of bummed since we have NEVER rode a Toboggan. The ride op at the Little Leaper said he could open it back up with manager's approval but it would take a while to get it ready to ride again.....something about the air pumps.....who the f knows. lol.

We did get to see this awesome greyhound (owned by a couple from Ohio) chase the Little Leaper. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen AND I have video of it. This dog would literally run around the track chasing the train. We said our goodbyes/see ya laters to Craig, Karen and family, and Vic, who said he probably wasn't going to attend Kennywood. Bummer.

After a few hours Katie and I hit the road to Pittsburgh while April and Pete followed about an hour later. We were both very tired, delirious, and needing some Hypergasms in the best way. As we tolerated Rt. 22 again Katie got a call from some family members about Mattie, her adorable 4-year old son. There was some misunderstanding which resulted in everything turning out fine. Everything was good and Mattie was happy to see his "aunt" Tina.

We made it to Kennywood about a quarter till 7. April called and said her and Pete just got off the Swissvale exit and would be a few mintues. We decided to leave her ticket at Guest Relations since we didn't really feel like waiting anymore. I was immediately impressed with how the park was decked out in Halloween garb. SO funny. The dudes with the trash can lids were hilarious, as well as the chainsaw guy. It's obvious they prey upon whiney teenage girls. They tend to scream the most. I have learned if you laugh in their face and play along they will get bored and move onto someone else who is "actually" scared, like Beth.....heheheheh.

Katie and I went to Phantom first thing, and was surprised at how EMPTY the station was. We got in the back seat......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh YES! We saw Craig and family as well as Vic! He made it! Yay!

We lucked out with two more rides without LEAVING our seats! How much more awesome can this get? We walked through the fog and monsters to Exterminator which had an hour-long line, so we opted for Pittfall. OMG...This was the first time I have rode Pittfall in the dark. It was just........YES! God I love Intamin drops. I really, REALLY love them. ;-)

After my orgasmic Pittfall ride we ran into April and Pete and went onto the Thunderbolt. SWEET! Although I am nowhere near a lightweight I am 5'4, 145 lbs., and somewhat smaller than other enthusiasts. In other words I usually have the pleasure of Mooshing someone rather than them Mooshing me. I mooshed Katie which was fun! After a fun ride on the Tbolt we decided to explore the park. April mentioned something about a VERY scary haunted attraction called "Fort Despair" that I really wanted to see. Pete said it was the most insane haunted attraction he had ever seen and was weak in the knees for a half hour afterwards. SWEET! I was game.

We ventured over the the kids' area only to learn that the line was too long to be worth it, so we decided to get some pizza. Afterwards we hit Jack Rabbitt. While in line I met up with some buds including Beth, Mike, Craig and family, Lori and Family, Lisa and Jake, and Frank (who I missed at PPP the night before.) We were a train or two ahead of them so Katie and I decided to wait to catch up with them and tag along since I hadn't seen most of these guys or talked to them (other than online or on the phone) since Solace. I also didn't get much of a chance to hang with them at PPP the day before. It was great to hang out again!

Soon April and Pete joined up and we congregated to Phantom and then Exterminator. OMG I was waiting for this ALL day. Lisa and her son, Jake, rode with Katie and I. It was PITCH BLACK and that f****** car was spinning like there was no tomorrow. I have never had such an intense spinning mousey ride in my life! All four of us were laughing our butts off. It was INSANE!

After Exterminator some of the group went to the swings, while a few of us decided not to. April, Katie and I were getting very tired and decided to call it a night. I ran over to the swings and said my goodbyes/gave hugs to Craig, Karen, Mike, and Lori who were standing outside the ride. As we walked out to the parking lot we noticed there was some type of accident on Kennywood Blvd. I hope nobody was hurt.

We said our goodbyes to Pete and headed to back to Katie's place 10 minutes from the park. Mattie was still up with his babysitters/family and kept welcoming "aunt" Tina and "aunt" April. lol. He's such a cutie. Soon they left, and all of us crashed....HARD. It was the first night in the last three nights that I got some REAL sleep. I should sleep on my blow-up mattress more often. lol.

October 10....... Back to Da Burgh. Time to get back to reality.

I woke up rather "late" at about 8:30 am and realized I had to haul ass back to Charleston ASAP. I got my s*** together and said my goodbyes/gave hugs to April, Katie and Mattie, who said "I love you aunt Tina!" which made my morning! The 4-hour trip back to Charleston was nice, but tiring.

Whew! what an awesome weekend despite the rain. I had an absolute blast and it was great seeing everyone again and introducing Katie ( a newbie) to all my friends who she had never met before. Everyone who I introduced her to loved her. Now I am getting a sore throat as we speak. Damn that wet weather! It was worth it though, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Good times!

Thanks to everyone for the memories!


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wow, yall didn't go through any haunted mazes at kennywood. Thats the main reason why people go to Phantom Fright Nights. I work in the cemetary, it's so much fun. The fort isn't that great. I went through it last year and thought it was so stupid.
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The chic that is in the Cemetary fountain at Kennywood is pretty freaky.

I highly recommend water wicking thermal underware and socks to anyone who rides coasters in the rain. Monica and I both had them on and outside of our face and hands were perfectly dry after an entire night of riding.

Missed the tour so we could go home and get our pup from the kennel, sounds like it was fun.

All those paragraphs, and I didn't see the word "Yuengling" once. I'm shocked! Very interesting report, though. You'd think if I didn't see you there, I'd have at least HEARD you! ;)

8.3, I had to do a double take on your post. At first I thought it said you were wearing thermal underwear outside your face and hands. LOL The second time I got it though.

All in all, it was a pretty Phun Phlood Phest.

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RGB, believe it or not I had NO Yuengling that entire weekend, just the Rum Island Iced Teas.

I know, I know, I must me insane. ;-) I wanted to get some Yuengling on Sunday but you know PA's liquor laws.....enough said. ;-)


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Actually, we joined the 19th century recently, and you can buy alcohol in stores on Sunday now.

Oh, well. More Yuengling for me.


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What stores? :-P Grocery stores?


Only beer distributors, and just certain ones right now. Come on, one step at a time! LOL
Tina, it was very nice to finally have the pleasure of meeting you also. You're even cooler in person. I'm usually nicer and cooler than when we met, but I was a little upset at the whole "bring a kid to the park and he doesn't want to ride anything" situation. I was looking for you all day after, but I left my glasses in the car. :)

Little JD sadly didn't ride very much at all the whole day. My friends and I were pretty upset about it. He loved MS and BS at CP, but was terrified of Phoenix and Twister. I got to ride each one twice. He's not coming with us next year. He only braved the flyers, Looper, Fandango, and Scooters all freekin' day. I'm only taking him to DelGrosso's and Lakemont from now on.

Let me ride the looper with you next year and we will flip as much as you want. JD and I must have rode this at least 5 times while the girls shopped. You knew about the footpeddle to help the cage turn over, right?

The snapping of the Flyers was crazy! I am pretty scared of the Flyers to begin with, so JD had to ride alone after my one ride on them with him. He rode with some crazy Flyer-snapping fool near the end of the night, and his last 5 or 10 rides he was snapping like a pro. It's a sight to behold when everyone on the ride is catching slack. It still scares the crap out of me.

Nice TR by the way, Tina. I love long TR's.

Nice TR Tina...sorry we only had a quick hello. Where'd you disappear to after I saw you at the Looper? Oh well. :) The Flyers just freak me out, I don't even like standing near them during PPP. I'm entirely convinced a tub is going to crash into me in the "observation" area. I've been trying to be braver and get used to them, so I rode when there weren't a lot of super-snappers around. I was really starting to fly a bit and started to scare myself, so for the rest of the ride I left my hands off the wing. I'm a wuss.

Fleece is where it's at for staying warm and dry. I'd had a fleece layer on all day, but was actually warmest when I finally took off my windbreaker/rain jacket thing. It was just too wet; I think the waterproofing stuff had worn off and it was just a layer of cold and wet. Fleece is pretty good at wicking away water. Yay!

I saw the Yuengling brewery Sunday night after visiting Centralia and Ashland. I wonder if they do tours? I could be up for that next year. :)

"Want to be upside down, maybe thrown from side to side" - The New Pornographers, The Fake Headlines

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dawnmarie313, how was Centralia? We were going to go on Saturday but wanted to stay out of the rain after being soaked the previous night. I have been trying to get there to photograph it for a long time now.

We didn't go all the way into Centralia proper...just drove/walked up the stretch of old route 61. It was pretty cool though. I want to have a little more time to explore next time and try to find the town. There are apparently a few houses with residents still there.

Here's a great website about Centralia:

"Want to be upside down, maybe thrown from side to side" - The New Pornographers, The Fake Headlines

dawnmarie, the "original" (not the new one) Yuengling brewery does tours, which are pretty neat because you get really close up to everything. You're not behind plexiglass or anything like that. The bottling shop is the best, although you won't hear a damn thing the tour guide is saying. I think the tours are Monday-Friday at 10 and 1:30. Last year, for their 175th, they offered tours on Saturday, but they weren't as fun because they weren't operating.

8.3, there's not much in Centralia left to photograph. There are only 10-12 houses at most still standing, and one church on the hill on the north side of town that's still open. There's less than 20 people living there now, I think. It is creepy though because the streets and sidewalks are all still there. They just don't lead to anything. Saturday with the rain and the fog might have been really spooky.

dexter, I think I had a little conversation with JD in the men's room over by the Phoenix. When I walked in, this little kid in a dark robe was standing there and he asked me if I had seen the Grim Reaper out there. (during the parade, I guess). Unless there were several little Grim Reapers there on Saturday. BTW, don't be too upset about the riding. By next year, he might be OK with the coasters. Can't be that bad if he can deal with the Looper and Flyers.

I read this earlier but needed to give you props for another sweet read. Along with Rob, Sean F., and a few others, your reports are always a must-read for including all the flipping randomness and details beyond the rides and coasters. I missed seeing you more Tina, but hopefully we'll get our fair share of each other at Dollywood. :)


Bear, Was that you standing at the urinal when I told JD to "Leave the man alone and let him pee"? lol

He was the only Grim Reaper Kid that I saw at the park that night. He was in the parade, and he talks to strangers with no fear, so it had to be him. I couldn't have been too far away. I really wanted to meet you.

In the parade, I was a Mad Butcher chaseing my friend who was an inflated cow with my cleaver. My other friend was the Butchers Wife, and JD was the Grim Reaper waiting to take the soul of the Cow. We lost.

Centralia is nothing special. Then again I live about 20 minutes from it. I imangine it looks alot creepier when it is raining or just rained since it would cause alot more steam then normal.

I was going to dress up for PPP but figured i'd just go as myself as usual! :)

Yeah, I was the "Standing Man." LOL (See my post under the Transpennsylvania thread). Well, JD really wanted to make sure I had seen the Grim Reaper in the parade. Unfortunately, we were in the haunted car ride line while the parade was going on.

Sorry I didn't get to officially meet you, dex. But one of these days I may use that line for my signature. It's advice we could all follow in here. :)

"Now don't be bothering the man while he's trying to pee."

The more I think about that, the funnier it gets.

I was THAT close to meeting you...

Yeah, I went to PPP as the Invisible Man, and unfortunately didn't bring along my set of Coasterbuzz trading cards, so I'd have the slightest clue of whom anyone else was. I ended up meeting Rob Ascough, millrace, and the rest of their crew under slightly unusual circumstances. Though not nearly as unusual as our near meeting.

Saying you met someone from Coasterbuzz in the men's room next to the Phoenix just sounds downright wrong. LOL Maybe next year we could meet under the big birthday cake.

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