So long to Volcano's Autospiel...

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... and the coaster as well.

Volcano was such a unique ride that I think its worth mentioning its removal and its kind of a bummer. I'm surprised that Avalanche is still alive and kicking despite the past rumors I've heard about that ride.

Read about it on KD's blog here.

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Wow. Sad to hear that. I’m glad I got a chance to ride it, and I thought it was a good ride. This is the only removal of a major Intamin coaster that I can think of, though I’m not that in touch with the industry and wouldn’t be surprised if there have been others (and some of their water rides were disasters and ultimately went bye-bye).

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That is most definitely a ride of two halves. The launches and...whatever the first inversion is called were amazing. The rolls were pretty meh though I never personally had a problem with the huge dive into the brakes. I don't know why they couldn't come up with a better second half, but I'm sorry to see the truly unique beginning get scrapped. Then again, capacity and reliability.

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Bummer. That was one of my first "launch" coasters next to Flight of Fear. It was a unique ride.


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