So is this how everyone commutes in Britain?

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Because if so you guys got it made.

Seriously, can I ride that? Hehe.

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That's a pretty incredible commercial. Very little of it was CGI, too, which makes it even more amazing.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!

Cool ad. Probably be a little chill in winter. Kind reminds me of the tube system in Furturama.

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It's Brazil, not Britain ;)

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Yeah, the ad is from Britain so I had Britain on the brain when I typed the title. ;)

The physics seem off, but still good stuff ;)

EDIT: "the making of"

EDIT 2: ahh yes i was correct. It was a normal slide and they used pulleys in parts, etc.

EDIT 3: Extended version

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That's a great ad. I especially love when he gets stuck in the library.

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I enjoyed that so much I had to watch it three times. I want one.

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I love that! I want one as well!

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