So how is your local parks attendance been this year for Halloween?

Just thought I would ask how the crowds have been this October for your local parks Halloween event.

For SFGAm , it's been pretty much the same as previous years.

Friday nights: Low to moderate crowds

Saturday: Mobbed

Sunday: Semi-mobbed

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

PKI is similar, but I think slightly higher, than last year.

Friday nights: Crowded, summer Saturday type crowds.

Saturday: Mega Mobbed

Sunday: Summer Saturday type crowds, depending on weather.

For Dorney, the first 2 Saturday's were somewhat empty but today it was more crowded (5 - 15 minute waits earlier in the day). Sunday's have been dead to the point where almost everything is a walk on.
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My hubby and I went to BooBuzz today at CP and I haven't seen the park that packed since I worked there! We left around 6ish (no way could we have made it to midnight) and cars were all the way to row 48 and parked on the marina side too and STILL coming! I could not believe how many people were even on line to buy tickets at that time.

I know in '03 when we had the same type crowd we didn't leave the Raptor station till almost 1:30am.
We swore there were a million people in the park that day!

Happy for Cedar Fair, feel badly for the employees!

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Crazy busy at Worlds of Fun, especially Saturday nights. Sundays are so-so, but they don't have the haunts open (well they have one, but that is it).

I'm not sure, we didn't have one this year. haha

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Kings Island was very busy today.
PKI = Totally Insane!

So much for our past "Hey, it's Friday night, let's go to Fearfest 'cause everyone will be at their high school football games" theory.

I swear, every time we went down this month, (four different times), the lot was always filled to near capacity.

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Cedar Point was also packed and stacked Saturday, according to first-hand experience. Queues filled with people! I settled for four Gemini rides between 4 and 6 pm. *** Edited 10/22/2006 4:18:52 AM UTC by CoastersNSich***

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I have found Dorney and Hershey Park to be dead the lsat 2 Sundays I was at them. Dorney on the 8th and Hershey on the 15th. They both had walk on lines, with hershey having no lines. Once on Great Bear and once on Storm Runner we came back into station on front seat, and there was nobody there so they just kept the train locked and sent us again!!!! It was cold...low to mid 40's, but worth it!

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Got to USF around 4pm today....HHN was already sold out. No real surprise there...thankfully I had no intention of staying, LOL...
SFoT on the second day of Fright Fest was pretty full, but it was both Key Club Rally day and some cheerleading day, so a large crowd was expected, but the lines were never more then 45 minutes for everything. I'm going back on the 28th, and it will probably be packed.

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Just got back from a little trip to SFoG today, and it was incredible. Its only 20 minutes away, and this is only the 4th time Ive been this season, but all times Ive been its been a notably better experience.

Today, the park was definitely at or near capacity, it was packed. And everyone was having an awesome time. It was one of the best times I have had the park in a long time, and if the rest of the chain hasn't quite shaped up like this park has, then Its a real shame.

rollergator said:
Got to USF around 4pm today....HHN was already sold out. No real surprise there...thankfully I had no intention of staying, LOL...

I read somewhere that they presold 50,000 tickets for last night. Also talked about keeping IOA open later.

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USH sold out the 14th and the 21, Knotts sold out the 21, had to add another night (25th) to the Haunt because they are so busy. Haven't made it up to SFMM yet, but I'm sure they are swamped as well from what I've been hearing.
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For SFDL...

Well, it's been rather empty. I think I was the only one at the park. It's as if they were closed or something. There weren't even any workers there, which was weird. It truly was a ghost-town there.

You mean Halloween is in October? I didn't know, accoding to SFDL it was in September. Who would have thought!
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Thanks for the info, Sugart....I actually DID ask a couple employees (out of curiosity) how many it took before they called it "Sold Out". None of them seemed to even have a good guess, and I was *thinking* 30-35K. Given the Frequent Fear passes, etc., there were probably more than THAT...

The two-park idea was the only way they were gonna get me back from my annual Halloween visits to Tampa...I just don't do HUGE crowds... Glad they're making money, but why would USF/IoA be thinking about new attractions when the revenues keep increasing WITHOUT them...:-/

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Kennywood has been busy, busy, busy the 2 nights we were there. They were actually using the ski lift for the 3rd tier parking lot last Saturday.
...and this Saturday, for that matter. This has easily been Kennywood's best season for Fright Nights in at least three years.

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