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This ranks up there for probably my all time favorite California trip, and that's not just because of the coasters, but mainly because we went to the Price is Right and a girl that went with us got on stage and won a car (it will air May 19th)- but besides all that excitement, I had a lot of fun riding some coasters. On to the TR

SFMM May 6th
I knew in advance that the park would be crowded since it was a Saturday, but we really had no other main goal was to get on X, since I've been waiting forever and a day to ride this thing.

The experience at the park this day was pretty negative. We were there for 10 hours and got on a total of 6 rollercoasters. The park seems in a lot worse condition than from what I remember (3 years ago). Many rides were not running, the ride ops weren't doing their job, rides were breaking down left and right, and none of the workers seemed to care.

Here are the rides we rode in order with a short review for each.

X- broke down when we were in line, so we left the que.

Viper- 40 minute wait I still love this ride, it actually seems much smoother than what it did 6 years ago, maybe it was just me, I almost black out everytime after the 3rd loop.

Superman- broke down while we were in line-didn't ride

Riddler's Revenge- about 1 1/2 hour wait, broke down a few times, slow loading....but great ride as always- good g forces and incredibly smoothe. Would be better as a sit down though.

Batman- 30 or 40 minute wait. I forget everytime just how intense this thing is. Front row beats them all.

Scream- first time riding it- I noticed the annoying vibration everyone talks about here, but that didn't stop me from having a good time on this thing, I was surprised at how there were no down points on this ride, just constant turning, it keeps its speed up through the whole course as well.

Goliath- about a 2 hour wait, for some reason the line moved incredibly slow. The ride was great except the mid-course brake was on mega-hard and that kinda weakened the helix, but had fun anyway.

X- after waiting for eternity to ride this thing, it was finally time, the line was surprisingly short and it took about an 1 1/2 hours to get on. I was getting very antsy in line watching the train go up the lift with riders facing backwards with nothing above or below them. This ride exceeded my expectations...I cannot beging to describe that feeling I had going down that first hill...I loved it, throughout the whole course I was just in a daze, the feelings I felt on this coaster could not be compared with anything else, just amazing for me. It made the whole experience at the park well worth it. I can't wait to ride it again. *** Edited 5/12/2005 6:28:04 PM UTC by encinosteve***

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