So Cal Trip- June 25th to June 29th

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Well I finally took another trip down to LA this season!!! Man was it great! One of the best trips I have ever been on! Just to let you know, my dad, me, and a friend only went on this trip:

Okay, well, the first day we left was Tuesday (25th) and we drove the 7 hour or so drive down to LA. We left my house at around 7am and got to our hotel room (Super eight) in Santa Clarita at around 3pm. We checked in, got all ready and left for an evening at SFMM! We already had our SFMW season passes so we got in free and we were finally in the park at aorund 4pm or so. The first ride we headed for was X, but of course, it was closed! BUMMER! So we decided to go on the closest thing which is Viper.

Viper wasn't rough at all this time after riding in the front! It was actually a lot of fun and probably one of my top 10 coasters now! A lot better than my last ride! After Viper, we got kinda lost and ended up at the top of Samurai Summit so we decided to catch a ride on Ninja. Ninja's wait was longer than Viper's being about 20 or 30min, while Viper was a walk on.

After a great ride on Ninja, we headed back down towards Baja Ridge and got a ride on Revolution in the back. I still love this ride! Flying through the trees and going through that loop all combine into a good ride! Not too rough either! After waiting about 15min for Revolution, we decided to eat dinner so we ate at Panda Express and then we walked on over to my all time favorite ride........... GOLIATH! After waiting in line for Goliath for about 30 or so min, we finally got on in the second car's front row. Also, waiitng in line for Goliath was very nice because they had the misters on. Goliath was an awesome ride as usual and since Batman is right there, we decided to catch a ride on it!

Batman was a walk on for most rows, but we wanted the front, so we waited only about 10min for the front row. Batman was very intense and fun as usual and no one was dissapointed. Well for the rest of the day, we rode Riddler, Psyclone, Colossus and Goliath again. The park wasn't crowded at all and for getting there at 4pm and leaving at 10pm, we had ridden ever ride except Superman and Deja Vu. We would hit those tomorrow!

SFMM- June 26th

The first ride we went to today was Goliath. Goliath was a walk on so we rode it twice in a row and on the second time I COMPLETLEY blacked out in the helix! It was freaky.

After two rides on Goliath, we headed over to Dive Devil and made our 7pm appointment. After that, we headed towards Deja Vu, but the line was up to over 2hrs, so we decided to wait and go on it that evening so if the line was still long, then at least it would be cooler. We could already see how much more crowded the park was going to be today, so we headed up to Superman and only waited about 20min for the front row.

For the rest of this day, we rode Viper two more times, Revolution a few more times, Goliath and Batman once more, Freefall 3 times, Deja Vu and Dive Devil. Let me tell you, Deja Vu was very scary IMO because the restraints aren't tight at all and they stop about an inch away from your stomach! Dive Devil was awesome though and Freefall is now my favorite flat ride.

Soak City June 27th:

The next morning we woke up at around 9 or so, packed everything up and headed for the Radisson Hotel at KBF and Soak City. We finally checked in and brought everything to our room at around 12pm. So we got changed and walked the 5 min walk over to Soak City.

Soak City has a FEW good slides, but mainly I was dissapointed in this place. It is said to be the #6 best water park in the US, but Sunsplash in Roseville is better IMO. After a fun day Soak City, we left at around 5:30 and we went back to the hotel room and got all ready and headed downstairs and ate dinner at Cucina, Cucina Italian Cafe. This place has great food and I reccommend it to anyone close or staying at the Radisson Hotel. After dinner, my friend and I went down the Fitness Center and worked out a bit and went swimming in the Jacuzzi and the pool. We also went in the sauna for a while. We finally went back up to our room at around 11 or so and went to bed.

KBF June 28th-

The next morning, we woke up and started walking over to KBF. We at breakfast at the little bakery on the way and we finally got there and got in line for Xcelerator at about 9:50am. Sadly, my dad couldn't ride the new Xcelerator because he had a duffle bag holding all our stuff and te attendant at the front of the line said anyone with loose articles can't even board the ride. I was ver mad at this and thought then why do you have cubbies to the exit of the ride to put your stuff in!!!!?????? Anyways, we waited in line for the front row for about an hour and a half, but it was definitley worth it! Xcelerator is amazing and the launch is sssoooo fast! Xcelerator is tied now with the new V2 which is #3 on my top 10 list. Awesome ride!

After Xcelerator, we decided to ride Boomerang which is a lot slower than MW's, but we hardly waited in line, so i didn't really care. After this, we ate lunch and Perilous PLunge was down, so we decided to ride Supreme Scream. We waited in line for about 15 or 20min before getting on the ride. SS is weak IMO compared to Freefall at MM. You hardly lose ur stomach at all! Oh well, still fun though! After Supreme Scream, we rode the Log ride and then Perilous PLunge finally opened so my friend and me waited in line for at least an hour and were assigned to the front row. The new four point harness is very tight on you and loading and unloading times are very slow due to these restraints.

Perilous Plunge was great though and we got soaked which was fine with me since it was very hot today. The drop is amazing! It feels just like you're freefalling! After PP, we headed over to Ghostrider. Ghostrider was having some delays, but we still got in line and were on the ride in less than an hour. Ghostrider is easily my #1 woodie! A little rough though, but still a great ride! For the rest of the day, we ate dinner, rode Jaguar, some flat rides and saw the Electroblast show which is great! Overall, I was very impressed with KBF. It is very clean and has a lot of family oriented things to do. I just thought it was dumb for them to say no loose articles on a ride when there are cubbies to the exit. So now my dad missed out on Xcelerator, but he didn't seem to care.

Check out day June 29th:

Well our trip was over now. I had an awesome time, but it was only about 95% complete. If X was open and I got to ride it, it would be 100% complete, but i guess there is always next year! The Radisson hotel is very, very nice and there is all kinds of things to do in the hotel alone. The rooms are very nice and quiet and I reccommend this hotel to anyone spending a few days at Knott's Berry Farm Resort. I had an awesome time and I am already planning another trip down there next summer! Here is my new top 10 coaster list:

1). Goliath
2). Medusa- SFMW
3). Xcelerator and V2 (can't decide which is better)
4). Ghostrider
5). Roar- SFMW
6). Batman: The Ride
7). Riddler's Revenge
. S: TE
9). Viper
10). Deja Vu

Six Flags Marine World.......home to the new "not so vertical anymore" V2!

Nice TR! Glad you got to ride Xcelerator. But sorry your dad didn't.

-Sean Newman
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The cubbies are large enough to hold a fanny pack, but they won't allow those in. a duffle bag would never fit, they're about 4X4 inches and 6 inches deep. they said something like a fanny pack will inhibit the lap bar's efficiency because it rests against the pelvis (where the fannypack goes). i have no clue why they won't allow fannypacks in the cubbies. anyways, lockers are 1 dollar one use by bigfoot rapids. they're mid sized. well worth the fun of xcelerator. they encourage you to use the cubbies once you get on (they'll put them in for you b/c they're so organized with 6 attendents checking seatbelts and all).
Nice TR Brandon :). Soak City sounds like a BIG dissapointment. But anyways, I am counting the days until August, when I finally get to ride Xcelerator. Yippee!
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