So-Cal-MM and KBF- April 7th 8th and 9th

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Long (Kinda)

On Wednesday the 7th my family and I arrived at MM at 7:00. I had three hours to try to get as much out of the way as I could so I could make sure I got my ride on X. Luckily X was running that night and I started my Trip to the Extreme Park with X

Arrow 4D

As I had not been on it before, I was not sure quite what to expect. The ride was smoother then I thought it would be yet, not as interesting. Over that night and the next day I was there, I took two rides, a front and a backseat ride. The ride was not amazingly intense and it was way too short. It was fun however and the 4D concept could do so much more on the Griswald scale of -3 being terrible, zero being slightly positive, and 5 being a religious experiance X gets a... 3

After my ride on X my family and I went to In n Out Burger. Damn you Californians have something good...

In n Out gets a solid 4 from me as burgers go.

The next day I got to Magic Mountain at 9:30 and after a quick sprint was the first to X. I rode it again hoping for the amazing ride people promised and it was the same as last night, just brighter. I then Headed to Deja VU.

It was open and the line was said to be 1 hour. I ended up waiting two. This did not make me happy. the insane dispatch times that approached ten minutes at points were not acceptable. I struggled on. I finally got to the station and rode the smoothest and most fun Vekoma i have ever riden before

Deja Vu gets a 2

I then headed to Riddler to find one train operation and a 3 hours line. Hell no. I went over to Goliath to wait and hour through a two train op. The ride was decent. I prefer Airtime to G's though. Give me an Intamin any day.


I then went to Colossus which was neutered and boring


The lines and the crappy operations were starting to bother me. I then went to guest relations and was told Riddler was running 1 train because they were afraid that the trainss would "Crash together like at DisneyLand" I told them that they are liars and if so then scream would only have 1 on as well because it is made by the same company. The lady then told me to leave and made me shut up by giving me fastpasses. I was also told i should be expected to "wait" at an amuesment park. The park was not crowded and I was simply noting that many rides were closed and the open ones were running at terrible capacity. Goliath was barely pushing 500 PPH with two trains. Riddler was barely hitting 350. I was not happy.

I then rode Scream which was nothing new cause it is a mirror of Medusa. However it was shakey. Not cool.

Cause of shakey scream gets a 2.

I then rode Ninja- 1, and then waited out Riddler which was awesome, 3.5.

I have to say MM gets a 0 from me. The park has so much potential and could be so much better. On to the hotel to sleep to enjoy Knotts!

I woke up the next morning and We got to Knotts at around 11. I waited at Guest Relations for 15 minutes to get a ticket with my CP season pass. I was then told by guest relations that Xlr8r was down for rehab and that I just missed it. I saw no signs of life as I ran over there thinking that Knotts wouldn't let it be down during spring break. I got there to see it launch and then rollback. Turns out Guest Relations had't talked to park operations for a couple weeks i guess as the ops said rehab was three weeks ago. I waited about 25 minutes at the entrance through testing and was the first one on in the front row for the day. As sombody who has already ridden Dragster I was really looking forward to Xlr8r. It lived up to expectations.

The launch was Dragsters but shorter. There was mega airtime in the back seat over the top hat. The overbanks were smooth and fast. What a rush. I got my Intamin fix after six rides never waiting for more then 20 mins.


I then headed over to Montezooma. Anton was brilliant, Nuff said.


After that it was Ghostrider time. It was a tad rougher then BoulderDash but much more insane. My two rides were chock full of airtime and totally out of control. The station also smells like chicken. If only it were a tad bit smoother.


Knotts is the Park of of my choice is So-Cal. Operations are not quite at CP levels but they beat the Tar out of MM. Employees were eager to talk about my Dragster shirt with me and the food was pretty good too. The park has two winners with Xlr8r and Ghostrider. Knotts gets a 4 from me.

I might have left some stuff out. I am writing this with not alot of time. Thanks for putting up with my crappy TR. Later. *** Edited 4/12/2004 4:40:46 PM UTC by arlok2***

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