So about Cedar Fair....

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I won't pin this unfortunate picture on the backs of Kings Dominion management, as it's probably Cedar Fair pushing this crap:

All Cups 3/4 full of ice, don't ask if they want ice

On my recent visit to Darien Lake, not only was I asked if I wanted ice, I was asked to specify how much ice I wanted.

But, you know, this is Cedar Fair, and I guess they can rip off their guests anyway they see fit.

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Actually sounds more like the local management rather than corporate. Corporate wouldn't be bothered with such things. Five hundred percent markup on fountain drinks wasn't enough for some department manager.

Then there's Darien, which to this day counts as one of my worst, most disappointing park experiences ever. I just wish I could remember how awesome the ice was.

You see signs like this at dining establishments all over the country. I don't think I have ever been asked if I want ice in a drink. That is just food service 101. To shame Cedar Fair on a message board over this is more comical than anything.

That's pretty standard stuff, you just rarely see the sign reminding them.

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Yeah. Can't get worked up over any food service operation handing out plenty of ice.

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Having worked in the food industry my entire life, this comes no surprise. I guarantee that your local fast food and casual dining restaurants have the same policies and/or signs. No shame on Cedar Fair.

I'd bet the Reddit user who posted this saw the news article from the guest's overreaction to the cable breaking at SFNE... Trying to get their own 15min.

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I hate when people try to serve me a cold drink.


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Yeah well at Holiday World they never load up my cup with ice. Because they care.


That's actually a Coca-Cola rule. When fountains are installed, they leave a big poster that states to always serve Coca-Cola products with 3/4 glass of ice for maximum enjoyment. The soda lines run under the ice and during high volume periods, the product doesn't come out as cold. If there isn't enough ice in the glass it goes flat almost immediately.

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This is why I always try to remember to request little ice, but sometimes the drinks aren't very cold.

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Yesterday they asked me if I wanted ice in my free water cup at Cedar Point.


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Yes, some of the food service workers ask if you want ice in the free water, that is much appreciated as I like ice cubes in any cold drink.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

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At Charmland, the water is free but ice costs a buck....

Apparently they think it's pretty dear. (You may groan now).

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There is a fill line for ice on the soda cups. Of course, most employees never noticed the fill lines. They were told to add "about that much ice."

At a local McDonald's, I always ask for no ice in the drive thru. There must be a problem with the auto fill system. Every time, the robot adds ice, and the employee has to dump it and figure out how to tell it no ice.

Was it filled with Ice Cube or Vanilla Ice? That could make all the difference in the world.

I find at Cedar Point they quite often ask if I want ice.Most times I do!

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On a related note: As of May, Starbucks is getting sued for putting too much ice in their iced coffee.

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What? You didn't get asked if you want ice in your drink at the amusement park? I empathize with you. Life is so hard. You sound like a spoiled snob.

There are starving children in africa, and here you are, complaining about getting ice in your sugary soft drink.

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