SNL Rides Slingshot

On the last SNL, (Feb 25/26) they had a skit where they were riding one of the Slingshot rides.

Ha! They didn’t even have to write anything for this, just take it straight from any number of YouTube videos where this exact thing happens. Including the pee.

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Just watched that, loved it. Most of the episode is solid.

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I haven’t watched the episode yet but in this clip I had to blink twice before I realized that was Woody Harrelson. He’s turned into one of the most versatile and skilled actors of our time, especially considering his first exposure to the world was as a goofy, one-note character on a sitcom. I love that for him.

To pass the winter blues, I've been watching a few roller coaster videos on youtube. NBC/Universal must have hired Kennan to help promote Velocicoaster, as there seem to be several videos of him riding the coaster floating around youtube. So when he was all hyped to ride Slingshot at the start of the sketch, I figured he must have come right from riding Velocicoaster. That just made me laugh even harder at his reaction to the ride.

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