Sneak peek of Voyage and Wildebeest on WTF

Okay, that was fun (in a 7th-grade kind of way) using the acronym for "World's Toughest Fixes." :)

Their hour-long episode on October 21 is called "Ultimate Water Ride" and includes construction of Wildebeest and repair of a Voyage pothole.

Two snippets are available on NatGeo's website. The Voyage one is particularly cool, imo:

Thanks, Paula

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Paula Werne
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WTF? Acronym FAIL! :)

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

They gave us stickers and bumper stickers with just the acronym.

Mrs. Koch thought they were name tags and put one on her shirt.

I waited about 30 seconds and then pointed it out to her. She howled. :)


Paula Werne
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I'd kill for a pic of Mrs. Koch with a WTF sticker on.

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I wish CoasterBuzz had a "like" button. :)


^^ +1.

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