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Smash lab was at knotts talking about eddy currents.

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Really interesting idea, however I think they made it too hard. Almost like they never heard of a drop tower with the mag brakes. Or take the same technology they saw at knotts and turn it 90 degrees.
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I thought the same thing, also they failed to notice that with eddy current brakes the faster the object is moving the more brake force there is, or that under the brakes power the object will never come to a stop, friction completely stops the rides.

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... What was the idea?

More info for those of us that haven't seen this specific episode would be most appreciated.

They want to use the technology to help out in high rise fire's.


Here is a video clip from episode click on smashlab to the left. *** Edited 2/14/2008 9:31:29 PM UTC by supermandl***

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I love how they kept calling it "The Rollercoaster" and not even mentioning the name ;)

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

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