Smaller independent parks thriving

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In recent years, the economy has sent some theme park profits and attendance numbers rolling downhill. Profits flattened after a near decade of increasing revenues that topped out at more than $12 billion. Last year, the theme park chain Six Flags filed for bankruptcy after it carried heavy debt into the recession. But smaller parks have been able to ride out the recession due to some specific strategies.

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"[Will Koch] oversaw the park’s rapid growth and died last month in an accidental drowning."

Wasn't Mr. Koch's death caused by pre-existing health conditions?

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The coroner's report indicated he drowned, likely because of something related to his diabetes.

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^^ I read and re-read that sentence several times, because something about it just didn't sound right. Other than the fact that I'm not sure why it had to be mentioned.

Then I realized-- my inner grammar policeman thinks it's a poorly constructed sentence. Using the word "and" ties together the park's rapid growth and Mr. Koch's death, as though one was the cause of the other. They were two unrelated events that happened to the same person. Would have been better to say "He oversaw the park's rapid growth, but died last month in an accidental drowning."

Yeah, I know I'm being picky, but to me it makes a difference.

This is the economy for a small park. Much cheaper to stay close to home and take advantage of the parks in your back yard.

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Weird the grammarians didn't mind this little tidbit: "Holiday World has done drawn crowds by making investments over several decades."

I've lived in the South a long, long time....but not THAT long.

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