Small Bugs?

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In 1.5 I have found some small bugs... one is just something small...

1.) If you go into manual dispatch mode, and open the gates, put on the emergency stop, and hit F10, the panel should read that it is green, and ready for dispatch. Take off the emergency stop, and you can now dispatch the train with the gates open.

2.) I only tried this with Mr. Freeze. When dispatched, hit the 8 to reset the simulation. The train might run through a couple of times, but on one of the runs, I noticed, the train wasn't getting back to the station. When I looked up to the top of the tower, the LIMs were acting as they did in 1.3... the train would slide down, and the LIMs would launch it back up, and the LIMs wouldn't let the train go back through to the station.

Anyone else experience these problems?

Shaun Rajewski
Founder, Lead Developer
Epic Web Studios, LLC

1) It's been possible to dispatch the train with the harnesses open for a long time now. The Panel doesn't indicate that something is "open" or "closed" until it finishes it's animation, so if the "open" command is given and then a "dispatch" command the animation starts for opening, the train is dispatched, and then the open state would be reached and indicated, but by then the train was already dispatched.

2) Occasionally the train on Freeze may not be pushed out of the upper LIMs far enough. Many things can contribute to it, but it's usually a quick dip in the frame rate. To solve this problem if it happens, simply engage the E-Stop and let the train fall through the LIMs, then disable the E-Stop after the train has passed the LIMs on the vertical spike.


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