Skyscraper to CP?

Just read that there is a chance that Skyscraper from Dorney may go to CP.


Uhh, that got moved to Valleyfair a few years ago.
Here's a headline from uhhhhhhh, 2005 or so.

NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Just another reason to take that website with a grain of salt. *** Edited 12/31/2007 7:10:58 PM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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Let me play devil's advocate for a second--what if the person who sent in the rumor meant the Skyscraper that originally was located at Dorney Park? And is it unrealistic that it would be moved again? Not at all because it only survived five years at Dorney.

Jason, I'll agree that some stuff that Lance has posted and posts have been ridiculous, but more often than not recently, he's been on the money. He even had a caveat that nothing was solid with the rumor yet.

And must I even remind anyone that he was all over Geagua Lake severely reducing operations months before anyone saw it coming? How about the Dominator and Thunderhawk relocations? I'll give him points scored for both of those rumors.

Where I deduct points (and I've sent him emails about it) is the gratuitous amount of typos the man makes. I understand his need to stay on top of all the stuff that gets sent in, but I think if he slowed down (or had a proofreader), he wouldn't have so many mistakes like calling Storm Runner Storm Force.

[edited because I forgot to count the original year it opened--2000] *** Edited 1/1/2008 3:22:42 AM UTC by Intamin Fan***

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if its on teh intertoobs its trew!!!!1111

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(although honestly, this site is no better/worse than the one being demeaned above).

Happy New Year

As a follow up, Screamscape doesn't actually show the rumour mentioned in the original post. The actual link provided goes to a screen that in no way mentions the Skyscraper ride.

While Lance will post almost any unfounded rumour, it's usually listed as just that, a rumour. However, here, crap gets posted and yet somehow the same stain doesn't apply.

Agree 100% on the typos on Screamscape. Just as other people bitch about "search is your friend", he should invest in a good spell check.

The rumor is gone now. He must of figured out it was a rediculous rumor.


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One post wasn't enough?

There's a difference between people posting rumors in open discussion, where they'll be summarily dismissed as crap, and posting them as a self-appointed expert in rumors with no one to question them.

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Jeff said:

I read this as "interboobs." After a long New Years Eve and working all day today since 6 AM i think it's time to close my eyes for a while.

The Interboobs would make a good name for a punk band. Just thought I'd point that out.

Yeah, it must be the off season.

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