SixFlags America 8/10/02.

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I got picked up my 2 buddies around 10:00am.We arrived at SFA around 11:09am.And oh boy SixFlag America was hopping.Our first order of business was a flight on Superman Ride Of Steel the lines were not to bad.SROS ride in the day was 2:06.Then it was off for another flight this time a flight on Batwing.The Batwing lines were long because they were only runing 2 trains but only 1 station was open.Ride time was 1:52.Then it was time for a lunch break at Pizza O'eight.After a lunch break it was time to to get right back to riding coasters again.So we took in a wooden coaster ride on Roar in row 1.Ride tim for Roar in the day time was 1:59.Then it was off for another coaster ride this time a ride on Mind Eraser the lines were not to bad.Ride timein the day time was 1:57 afterb gettingt our mind erased.Then we wanted to get wet so we rode Renegade Rapids.Then it was off for a flat ride on Flying Carousel were there were not much of a wait.Now it's off for another wooden coaster this time a ride on Wild One.As we were waiting in theb line the lap bars were not working right so there was a temporary delay.It took about an hour before the mechanic got to Wild One.And there were awhole bunch of people that left the line but we hung in there ands it paid off.So we rode Wild One in the 1st row.Then it was off for a dinner breakI had Corn dog and fries.Then it was off for a ride on the Pengin's Polar Express.And then it was only a hop to the Joker.As we were waiting in line they were having trouble with the breaks.So the mechanics was ready on the scene.So they test run both trains and a lot of people left the line.So we got right up to the 1st row.Ride time in the day time was 1:03.Now it was time for another flight on SROS.Ride time at night was 2:06.We made our way over to the bat cave where another flight on Batwing.The lines were very long because they were still runing one station and 2 trains.As we were waiting in the line a fight almost broke out.I don't really know what started the fight.Only thing that I heard was a man Saying come on down here and say that to my face.In fact he almost knocked down the security guard.He jumped onto a trash can and then over the railing.But at lest no one was hurt.
We end ourt day on SROS were we got a reride on the last train.

Rates on those roller coasters that we rode today.

Wild One 1 lap 8-10

Roar 1 lap 10-10

Mind Eraser 1 lap 7-10

Joker's Jinx 1 lap 10-10

Superman Ride of Steel 4 laps 10-10

Nice day for being crowded! Were you just exgagetating about Wild One? Thats a long time for a mecanic.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

No he's not exageratting about the problems Wild one was having and the time it took for maintenance to show up.

I was there with him in line that day and it took well over an hour for the maintenance staff to show up to fix the problem,I've seen mechanics in RCT respond a whole lot faster than that.

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