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According to this article, some information that was previously deemed confidential, was leaked out from the Six Flags filing. It indicates not only predicted EBITDA information for the 2010-2013 seasons ($240, $265, $285 and $310 million) but it also mentioned planned capital spending budgets of $105 million for the 2010 season and $110 million for 2011.


I know it doesn't say exactly what the Cap ex is being spent on, but I think it's safe to say we shall see more then just family rides with that type of money being spent.

With that type of money we may see a few B&M divers and a few Intamin launchers comming to Sf park in the next two years .

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Planned spending. Don't count your B&Ms before they're announced.

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That's pretty much a non-event. Of course they will continue to plan cap-ex, because it's what keeps the kids interesting. They finally figured out how to be a viable company (if they didn't have the mess of debt), so naturally they're gonna stick with that formula.

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I personally would love to see some more Bucaneer Battles show up, along with the GCI's and maybe even a Euro Fighter!

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Shapiro said in a recent interview that they've been spending $100M per year on capital for the past several years.

^^Yeah, I was just gonna say...Cedar Fair's annual cap ex of like $100 million basically is a big coaster (Diamondback), a small coaster (Prowler), and a whole bunch of other small stuff.

Considering SF has more parks and more space in those parks, I don't see money for any Son of El Toro anytime soon!!

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