Six parks in 5 Days-Very Hot, Very wet and Very Enjoyable-Part 1

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My friend Byron and I take a rollercoaster trip every year. Most of the time we are only gone for two or three days, but we decided to make this a little longer. We were going to to six parks in 5 days and all 6 parks were first time visits for both of us. This trip was going to be special to me because I knew that if I could hit most all the coasters, I would make my goal this summer of achieving the 200 mark.

We flew out Sunday morning on SouthWest from Birmingham to Phlllie. We arrived at the rental car counter around 5:00. Picked up our bright yellow rental car and headed to Hershey. Making good time, we arrived around 6:00 and headed to Chocolate World to see what was going on. I found out that we could get in at 7:30 for a "preview" of the park and come back the next day for free. The kind lady at the customer relations desk let me know that we could save $10.00 per ticket by going 3 miles down the road to a Giant food store and purchasing our tickets. 30 minutes later, we were waiting in line for the preview to begin.

I am going to use the rating scale (-3 to 5) that I saw Homey G use. Homey-Copying is the best form of flattery.

Hershey Park-It was very hot on that Sunday afternoon. Our car thermometer said it was 100'. The line to get into the park for the preview was almost as long as a football field. I heard someone in front of me ask an employee if somthing special was going on in the park that day to make it so crowded. He replied that he had never seen so many people. The time arrived and we slowly made our way into the park. It seemed that we were shoulder to shoulder w/ all the people. Being Schwarzkopf fans, we headed to the Sooper Dooper Looper-#169. After a short 20 minute wait, we were on our first coaster of the trip. It was a great little coaster. I bet it was the deal in its day. +2. We walked up the hill to the Great Bear-#170. The sun had set for the evening and the temperature started to cool off. The wait was only 15 minutes. We boarded the second row to the front. I had heard so much about the Great Bear from it being a boring ride to a great ride. I was ready to make my own opinion. I enjoyed the ride. I thought it was fast, smoothe and fun. The layout could have been more interesting, but still a good ride. +2. As we exited the ride, we were both ready to ride Storm Runner-#171. We made our way through the mass of people and to our surprise, found a short 25 minute wait. We choose the left side of the station and boarded row #4. We slowly made our way to the launch pad where we sat for a short time and we then were off. Up and over the top hat, and through the rest of the ride in a very short amount of time. I love all the elements of this ride. It packs a big punch (a good thing) in a small package. +3.5.

By this time, I was ready for some wood. We headed over to Wildcat-#172. I have wanted to ride this coaster for several years. There was no wait. We made the long walk up to the station and were on the next train. My excitment quickly faded into pain. The ride was very rough and kept throwing me into the safety bar. 0. I love a great woodie, but this needs alittle TLC.

I had a positive feeling about heading to Lightning Racer-#173. I love Thunderhead and the Ozark Wildcat so I was ready for fast and smoothe wood. Again no line no wait. We boarded Lightning first for a back seat ride. No disappointment here, it was all that I expected from a GCI. We got off and ran around to Thunder for anothe back seat ride. Another great ride. +3.

By this time it as around 10:15 and we were both tired and hungry from our long day. We left the park, stopped for a quick bite to eat and headed to the Comfort Inn. We were both looking forward to Monday to finish Hershey and head on to Knoebel's.

Look for part 2 in a day or so. Thanks for reading.

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Great TR, Glad you liked Hershey.

Storm Runner's wait never gets that bad, maybe because it's not in that great of a location, I'm not sure. It takes a while for people to get back there, b/c during the morning when I was there it was only a 10-15 minute wait until 12 noon.

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I'd like to hear more about Lightning Racer, honestly. That is the one ride at Hershey I truly wish I had the opportunity to grab, and bring out here to the Northwest. It just looks so... interesting.

Great Tr, although I will say that your title instantly conjured up images of Frank Drebin in Police Squad talking about how he likes his roast beef. ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

Hershey is one of my favorite parks. When you rode Wildcat where did you sit? I always ride woodies in front seats ever since I hurt my back a couple years ago at work. Front seats are always much smoother. I can think of other woodies much moore ruffer than Wildcat.

Lightning racer is one of my favorite racers. I am not surprised to here you liked it.

Good trip report, Hershey is a great park!

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2009 What a great year!

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