Six Flags Worlds of Adventure size

Sunday, June 8, 2003 6:02 PM
I was just wondering how big SFWOA is I am planing on stoping their on my way to Cedar Point.
Sunday, June 8, 2003 6:18 PM
wicked im not sure. when are u going? im going to cp and swfoa in august for honeymoon
Sunday, June 8, 2003 6:19 PM
i do know they have a waterpark and an animal park
Sunday, June 8, 2003 6:50 PM
Well its kinda hard to say exactly, I think there is close to about 500 acres of land used, I thought I read somewhere that each side was around 250 or so. If you're planning on doing everything it will be at least a day or day and a half trip. Meaning if you wanna hit all the shows, waterpark and the rides. If you just want to ride some coasters on your way to CP, I would say give yourself 5 or 6 hours.

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Sunday, June 8, 2003 8:06 PM
The park uses "750 Acre Resort" in their advertising, but who really knows what that means, considering we have two parking lots, a lake, and a whole bunch of un-used land behind Villain, adjacent to the rides parking lot.
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Sunday, June 8, 2003 9:33 PM
Well.. since youre going for visit purposes, its a long walk from the rides to the life side... but the ride side itself is rather small compared to CP
Sunday, June 8, 2003 10:04 PM
It's long the Raging Wolf Bobs way, but not so bad over the floating land bridge.
Monday, June 9, 2003 2:30 AM
The walk between Wild Life and Wild Rides sides behind Wolf Bobs is about the same as walking along Frontier Trail at Cedar Point. It really isn't THAT long (as some make it out to be).

X Factor

Monday, June 9, 2003 4:09 AM
Size comparison: CP = 364 acres. Wild ride side used to be around 90 acres if I'm not mistaken. Wild Life side is about the same. Add them together + the lake that is more of a splendid view than usable acreage and you have about 225 acres.

Overall, size does not matter. WoA has 4 world class coasters, an ancient classic woodie, a boring woodie, a clone, an Arrow yawner and a junior coaster.
1) If you have a SF season pass, take some time and visit WoA.
2) If you can't afford it, then spend your $$ at CP.
3) If you can afford it, spend some time at both.
4) If you have plenty of time, the Wild Life side was excellent last year, I have yet to partake in the festivities this season.

There's nothing like a woodie...


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