Six Flags Worlds of Adventure adding water slides, more

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Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will further expand their water park this year, claiming to have the largest water slide complex in North America. They'll also add two shows.

Read more from WKYC/Cleveland.

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Friday, February 21, 2003 5:41 AM
What happened to the coaster they were suppose to get that was to be over 200 feet?
Friday, February 21, 2003 5:48 AM
They did get *approval* to build the 200' ride.....but it wouldn't make good $en$e, at least IMO, to build it the same year as CP is putting in TTD. I wouldn't be too surprised to see a hyper go in there next year....but considering that they seem to be going more *family-oriented*, IF it comes, I expect a Beemer....
Friday, February 21, 2003 6:11 AM
I agree. Save the hyper for next year, when CP (I assume) will not be adding a major coaster.

This expansion sounds great, especially with their waterpark being included with park admission. My question is -- where the heck is Hurricane Mountain going to go?! Sounds pretty big, and it doesn't seem like the waterpark has that much space. Can't wait to see how they squeeze that in there.

(By the way, the official page has been updated. It includes full descriptions and a small drawing.)


Friday, February 21, 2003 6:42 AM
Here is another article that SFWoA says its tough to compete against a 25 million dollar ride.

Army Rangers lead the way

Friday, February 21, 2003 7:24 AM
I love when they say things like "largest water slide complex"...What does that mean?!?! "Largest" in what sense..height, weight, total slide length, total land mass used. I assume they didn't mean height because the home page then says that it is the heights complex in Ohio. Heaven only knows what they meant...parks will do anything to put an "-est" on a new ride.


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Friday, February 21, 2003 7:43 AM
You honestly think CP won't be getting a coaster next year with SFMM right on their tail, It may not br TTD of MF sized but Im pretty sure some kind of coaster will go up

It isn't so bad. . .
Once you're used to it

Friday, February 21, 2003 9:00 AM
Maybe the approval was for a 200'+ water slide... ;)

Tommy Penner - YoYoBaybeeMan
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Friday, February 21, 2003 9:05 AM
Now, as long as it had some sort of way to get to the top other than climbing 20 stories of stairs, I'd be 1st in line...

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Friday, February 21, 2003 9:36 AM
Having ridden Summit Plummet at Disney's Blizzard Beach, I can tell you that I would not even think about sliding down a slide bigger than that (I think it is 125 feet). Permanent back damage does not sound like a good time.

My guess is that they are going to have the largest number of slides coming off of one structure in North Amercia.

Friday, February 21, 2003 10:26 AM
Muzic Express is being moved to another location at the park, and this is where the majority of Hurricanne Mountain will sit. Shark Attack will be constructed where the Volley Ball courts used to sit. As to what record they are claiming, here's what they said officially:

"Hurricane Mountain will take the title as the largest water slide complex featured at a North American theme park. At ten stories high, it towers as the tallest complex in Ohio!"

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Friday, February 21, 2003 11:02 AM
Well, I could claim to have the largest amount of back hair east of the Mississippi but who the hell cares?

What SFWoA SHOULD claim is that they have the largest untapped potential of any park in the midwest.*** This post was edited by wahoo skipper 2/21/2003 4:03:24 PM ***

Friday, February 21, 2003 1:59 PM
``We want to become the local hangout for kids to come to our water park,''

Is it just me, or does this sound like a way to make no money whatsoever? Yea, drop your kids off with their $40 season pass and we'll babysit them for you! :) Brilliant!

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Friday, February 21, 2003 2:14 PM
Gator said: I wouldn't be too surprised to see a hyper go in there next year....but considering that they seem to be going more *family-oriented*, IF it comes, I expect a Beemer....

I expect the cancelled Six Flags Mexico hyper... ;)

I'm sure the waterpark enthusiasts are excited about this one and I only wish I was more of a fan of waterslides.


Friday, February 21, 2003 6:13 PM
sounds cool - i spent two days at WOA this summer and the second day dragged a bit, despite the Wild Life half of the park. I was thinking about dawning my swimsuit and hitting the waterpark, but after walking around it it just didn't seem worth my time really. Next year, i'll most likely change my mind however with 10 new slides! Plus, this should help keep the crowds out of the tiny wave pool.


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Saturday, February 22, 2003 8:10 AM
thats a pretty tall order to fill..... I might have to get a season pass for 6 flags after all


Saturday, February 22, 2003 9:27 AM
Danny, wasn't that supposed to be a Morgan...and I thought it was still going to be built at SFM...whenever they magically come across a round tuit. Weren't there pieces already on site down there as well? Also, there's already a Morgan hyper (of excellent *reputation*...that I haven't ridden)...right across the PA border....but then again, you *could* be yanking my chain, or you *could* be poking fun at SF's decision-making...the possibilities are endless...;)

Waterslides are OK...the waiting for them leaves a little to be desired...capacity being the crucial element. The best wet ride I've seen, EVER, was the FSS (we got Roller Soaker). IMO every park should have *could* even run them dry during cooler weather...what a GREAT ride. Could we get one of those here in FL...someone...anyone...I don't think this thing is on...;)

Saturday, February 22, 2003 12:15 PM

Yes, it was a Morgan that was supposed to be built at SFM and yes, there are/were pieces on site as well. True, there is an incredible Morgan only a short distance away, but when has that ever stopped Six Flags before (best note of this: Joker's Jinx at SFA)??

I love to yank chains Bill, but I've really got (and that's all I got! lol) a hunch on this one. I've *heard* that for some reason the hyper was cancelled for SFM (even though it has been finished and paid for as I understand it) and I'm thinking it will go to another park in the chain. A better guess of where it might go could be SFNO (maybe another park overseas or SFMW if not) if they have a successful year, but SFWOA is the only other park I could think of where they would build it at unless they had already planned something else there in advance.

If I were Six Flags, I would fix up Shockwave to be much more ridable and send it to SFWOA (second tallest coaster in park, most inversions, huge eye-catcher....if this would work, place it in the lake facing the Wildlife side) and send the hyper to SFOG (a southeastern first). That probably sounds good to you, doesn't it Bill? ;)

-Danny*** This post was edited by Koaster King 2/22/2003 5:21:31 PM ***

Sunday, February 23, 2003 3:31 AM
I can't wait till the big addition to the waterpark at SFWoA this year :)

Its what I enjoy the most at the park anyways, and when we get those 90 degree and 90 percent humidity weekends, I'll be there!


Sunday, February 23, 2003 6:59 AM
Well, if you're going to say SFWoA shouldn't put in a Morgan because of Phantom's Revenge, then they better not put in an Intamin because of Millennium Force. As long as the design is good, that "argument" really doesn't matter.

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