Six Flags web site not accessible anymore from UK?!

Ok so I went to to buy some discounted advanced tickets for SFMM and the site will not load, and has been like this for at least the last 3 days (was ok last week).

Have tried from various pc's, friends, work, etc. The site will not load anywhere - I live in the UK.

I tested it on one of those "is this website working" websites and via a proxy and it works ok. Obviously I don't want to put my payment details in on a proxy server for security reasons.

Assuming it is actually working in the US, would they stop international access? Normally sites that do that (e.g., say certain content it is not accessible from your country, this doesn't load at all.

Hopefully this is just a bug and will get fixed soon, but looks like I am going to miss out on the $25 5-day advanced discount :-(

Also can't check if any coasters are currently closed. I'm not going if X2 is closed.

Get yourself a SurfEasy account and try connecting that way?

(Disclaimer – yes, that is a referral link – but I do believe it'll solve the issue).

Thanks for the link, sixflags is back up again now anyway - maybe someone saw this post.

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Was it the entire site, or just the Accesso (ecommerce) portion?

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^No comment. ;~)

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It was the whole site, but back now.

I'm hoping to make it to Magic Mountain in December so I thought I would check out their website, which didn't work. Now it's back it and it has told me precisely nothing about their Holiday in the Park event expect some copy to try and infuse some warm, fuzzy, festive feelings. No chance.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I don't believe SFMM has a Holiday in the Park event unless that is new this year. They are open at that time but they don't decorate.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

SFMM has a " Holiday In The Park" event this year

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Is the whole park open, or just parts of it?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

The entire park is of course open

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Jeff said:
or just the Accesso portion?

That brand scares me, The run all the amusement parks e-transactions across almost the entire industry and they use old and almost obsolete technology *coughflashcough* for their pages. Because of this I am afraid that a major breach is will happen on their websites at anytime and may already be going on.

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