Six Flags Web site hacker gets five years probation

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Mark Daniel Kahn, 27, charged with hacking a Six Flags Web site was ordered Tuesday to pay nearly $4,000 in restitution and to face new restraints on his computer use. He also got five years probation.

Read more from The Greenville News.

I still don't think I would call what he did "hacking." Yes, he used a SQL injection vulnerability, but he didn't gain any access to any systems with it.

Cyber douchbaggery, yes. Hacking, I don't think so.

[Edit: Yes, he said himself he hacked the site, but he sounds like he's just tooting his own horn.]

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What the culture wants to call it is irrelevant though. While you can certainly blame Six Flags' developers for making an amateur mistake, where do you draw the line? You don't need any special skills to vandalize a wall, but it doesn't make it any less illegal.

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"Kahn was living in Greenville in 2004 when he inserted a malicious computer code into Six Flags' online job application forms.

Kahn inundated the system with hundreds of applications"

I think the judge should have given Mr Kahn a more fitting punishment for his crime, like actually forcing him to work for Six Flags as a ride operator. :)

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Anderson told Kahn that if he isn't careful with his computer knowledge, he will end up in an institution where "you will never see a computer again."

Are you kidding? I have seen some of these prisons on TV that have the most up-to-date computer labs ever!

I think making him work as a ride op would be a more fitting punishment as well. ;) No, make him work in customer service!


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Maybe they should've offered him a job at 6Flags.

Ian Restil, a 15 year old computer hacker who looks like an even more adolescent version of bill gates, is throwing a tantrum. "I want more money. I want a Miata. I want a trip to Disney World. I want X-Men comic [book] #1. I want a lifetime subscription to Playboy[/book] - and throw in Penthouse. Show me the money! Show me the money! I WANT A MIATA!!!!

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I think this was a just punishment. What he did was wrong and stupid but not prison worthy. To send someone in a federal prison for something like this would be a waste of taxpayer money and would not serve justice. It was not a vilolent crime nor did it cause anyone to become injured. As part of his probation, they should make him give up his time advising how to avoid and expose security holes. Somewhat like ex-cheats who are hired by casinos, but he must do it for free.

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