Six Flags to layoff 10% of its full time employees

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Six Flags Entertainment Corp. said late Tuesday it is "committed" to cut its full-time workforce by about 240 employees, or 10%, as it sees attendance in its amusement parks dwindle in the ongoing pandemic and end of the summer.

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Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

I am honestly not surprised by this move by Six Flags. Other companies were already downsizing operations after rides were idle. Their NY parks didn't even have a 2020 season, and it was a waste of money on their part.

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Yeah, no surprises here. No visitors = no need for workers. Need to get the population out and about or this will continue to happen.

I certainly get it, MillenniumRider. I mean, eventually you'll have to leave lockdown and mass quarantine behind someday. We all can't stay in our comfort zones forever (by comfort zones I mean where we've been the past several months).

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Happily, no one I'm friends with was affected by this one. Wasn't so lucky with the other layoffs.

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Also, there never was "lockdown and mass quarantine" in the US.

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Based on how often I hear the words 'cancelled' or 'postponed til next year', it felt like mass quarantine...

You should look up “quarantine”.

I already know what it is, RCMAC. It's just a feeling, I'm not being literal about it.

I know someone that had been at SFOT for 45+ years that was let go. He was only a few months away from being able to go on Medicare and his severance package was really generous. It’s business but it sucks pretty bad.

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It's interesting how different companies are handling this. Some laying off those with the least seniority and keeping those who've worked there the longest. Six Flags and Sea World seem to be cutting those getting paid the most, so if you just got hired last year your job is more secure than someone who has been there for 25 years.


The educational institution that I work for had been on a hiring binge in the Facilities Management division the last few years. Now it appears that because they are mothballing classrooms and lecture halls, they are in a desperate need to reduce the related workforce of custodians and building maintenance workers. They had just signed a contract late last year with those workers unions. It appears that they are looking at the employees that are eligible to retire soon ,to offer them the "golden handshake" and receive the allowable benefits early (these are funded independent of the operating budgets). It also appears that the people that were just hired in the last six months (which is the probationary period) will probably be let go.

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