Six Flags takes a revenue hit, blames weather

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Theme-park operator Six Flags Entertainment Corp. reported a surprise revenue decline in its important summer quarter as attendance fell, which the company blamed on adverse weather. Revenue from admissions fell 4.4%, and total guest spending also declined.

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That's a 1.1 percent decline for every Larson Fireball added this year. Seems about right.

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I wonder if they ever blame the weather for an awesome year. Oh wait, I already know the answer.

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I know I did not go back to a Six Flags park this year because of the overall poor condition of the parks, their poor operations, and the lack of live entertainment compared to other options

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The day we see that headline is the day we get hit by a species-ending meteor.

Six Flags takes a revenue hit, blames overall poor condition of the parks and their poor operations

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They might as well just blame God for their troubles.

Isn't that in essence what they did? God was so busy influencing sporting events and helping people find their lost keys that he lost track of the weather.

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