Six Flags sue Intamin over KK?

Newbie post here!

I have heard that Six Flags is going to sue Intamin over the unreliabilty of Kingda Ka. Does anyone know if this is true?

Also, if this lawsuit goes through and SF win, I wonder if other lawsuits from other parks with unreliable Rocket Coasters could follow?

Anyone know anything?

Doubtful....I think SF Inc was well aware of the problems with rocket coasters before they purchased it.

I think a lawsuit like that would be a scream.

Intamin: How could they not know there'd be some trouble? It's 450 feet tall! Any trouble with something that tall is big trouble.
They told us to make it like TTD, just bigger and give it a second hill. (see National Geographic special)



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It's all in physics. They are heavily experimented and theory tested before development is even thought of. There are going to be strong arguments from both sides of this one.
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Physics has nothing to do with it (well, at this level).

The real question is whether Intamin knew the ride was going to suck and told SF otherwise.

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They are heavily experimented and theory tested before development is even thought of.

So if it worked "in theory" but not "in a real world scenario" then SF doesn't have a case? Man...whatever you're smoking pass it over! ;)

It is not Intamin's or SF's fault. The courts should find that all the down time was due to rider error.
At what percent has KK been down since it's first official operating day?

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Most of the entire first season.
Being no law major, I still think that there has to be some contract covering all of this...especially after Top Thrill Dragster?

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I doubt that would help them out much. Technically, there may be nothing "wrong" with the ride other than that it's so technically complicated. It may not be wise to sue Intamin either, not that six flags gives a damn, because then I doubt they would come running the next time a problem occurs.
Let's see how many coaster manufacturers has SF sued since 01 for rides that didn't work?

Arrow<now S&S> over X:This was SFMM's fault,Arrow had a small prototype that was more reliable but no!!!! SFMM wanted a huge custom job instead.

Vekoma over the two flying dutchmans & the three Vu's:SFI should've known what they were getting into when Paramount/CF passed on the two flyers they'd originally ordered,with the Vu's however vekoma was at fault for not properly & fully testing the prototypes before offering them for sale in their product line.

Intamin:SF should've known what they were getting into when CP began having trouble with TTD.I mean if a top tier park like CP has trouble maintaining this beast what makes an SF park think they're gonna do any better?

At the rate SF is going they're gonna end up suing the pants off of nearly every coaster manufacturer for one thing or another....makes ya wonder just how long it'll be til they decide to sue B&M,blaming them for the sudden loss of revenue at their parks LOL.

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