Six Flags Stock drops

48 cents a share! Should I buy some? What do you guys think?


That's lower than it was this morning... It's been dropping for the last two weeks though.

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If anybody is going to buy some do it tommorrow. I think it has a day or 2 before its delisted.
It was at a quarter per share at one point today. If you had bought it then you'd have already doubled your money!!!
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The stock price dropped 44% today. However when it's trading at less than a buck a share, small changes represent large percentages. It reached 25 cents per share during the day. That is amazing. I thought by restructuring some of its debt several weeks ago, it could delay bankruptcy for awhile. Although the 12% interest it accepted on those bonds certainly spoke of its desparation. The upcoming earnings report will be interesting.

At that price, I might have to buy a few shares just for the giggles.

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So what's the cheapest way to buy some shares?

I'll spend some money just for the certificate but I don't want to pay a $50 fee to buy 10 bucks worth of worthless stock LOL

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Try The fees aren't too bad there.

Geez, at this price I may have to buy a couple hundred more shares for the hell of it. I'd hate to waste The "dividend" from my Cedar Fair units on more Six stock though. Guess I'll use soda can refund $$ instead.

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Ima buy a whole sh**load of stock and pray that my faith in Six Flags does not go unrewarded. I think they can do a lot with this company, and I hope that it works. Need more cash, but as long as I keep on GOING to Six Flags, I guess I won't be buying stock, no matter how cheap it is. LOL

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Wow. It was down to a quarter a share?

I just can't help but think that throwing a grand at it isn't a worthwhile investment. How low can it possibly go? Even if it only ever peaks at a buck or two, I still would make some decent money for little to no effort. Who knows, if they actually do turn the company around, it could turn out to be a great deal.

Six Flags stock peaked at $65 about 10 years ago. Even if it takes another 10 years and reaches $10, you're you're talking about a $39,000 return. If it'd actually reach $65 again (which it probably never will) you'd make $259,000 on a $1000 investment.


I bought 150 shares at $3.22 last year, it went up to just over $5, and has just dropped little by little since. Today was a real ball buster. I just bought another 75 shares to see where it goes. Its pretty wild that I paid nearly $500 for 150 shares last year, and now less then $50 for another 75 today.

Its like Rice Krispies are on sale, although I really don't like 'em, I just can't beat the price, so I'll stock up now.

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Well at least you weren't one of the people who bought it at $40! :)

I actually thought of throwing a grand at it when it was between 1 and 2 bucks a share, but I'm not into individual stock buying/selling and I'm glad I didn't start. As for how low can it go, it CAN go to 0.00 and the people selling at these levels probably think that's likely.

Do yourself a favor guys and just buy an index fund. VTSMX or VFINX would be good places to start. Or one of Vanguard's Target Retirement or Lifestyle funds. Any of them give you lower costs and better diversification with less risk. That's not to say you can't lose money, but you'll never go to 0.00.


Checked it this moring and SIX is down to $.48 a share. FUN was at $17.22. I guess SIX is circleing the drain at this point.

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Remember, if SIX files for bankruptcy (and how exactly will they manage to pay off all that debt?) stockholders will not see a penny until their creditors are satisfied.

If you've got hundreds or thousands of dollars you want to "gamble" on SIX, you're probably much better off finding a roulette wheel in Vegas, or hell, even the lottery.

If you MUST purchase SIX, you can purchase it commission-free at if you deposit $2,500 into your account.

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I found it amusing that I got both of these Google alerts in the same e-mail.

Tradeworx Inc. drops their 169,457 shares of SIX

Six Flags Maintains All-Time High Guest Satisfaction Ratings

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It's back up to .83 at lunch time.

Like so many other things traded right now, the pricing is irrational and volatile.

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What stinks is they just got good news and still their stock is under $1
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Closed today at .85 (after hours trading at .95)
It'll drop like a a coaster falling off the tracks again.

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Some of you should stop talking about the stock market. Seriously.

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