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Well, it is the end of June and it was time for my family to get back to Six Flags. Why in all of this summer did we decide to go on the hottest day of the year (105 degrees) is what I'm still asking myself. I thought this was going to be the worst day at Six Flags ever, but was I VERY wrong! The day started out very warm and humid and I soon learned that it was going to be the hottest day of the year here in St.Louis and all news stations were sending out Heat Warnings all morning and afternoon. It was so hot out that all Wherenburg Movie Theaters lowered their adult ticket prices to the same price as kids tickets. I was kind of pissed when I found that out because I was originally going to go see War of the Worlds and only pay $3-4 instead of $6-7. When we arrived at Six Flags the parking lots were nowhere near full and that was a great sign. I already knew that more than half the people there were heading straight towards the waterpark. And most people wouldn't want to go spend a day in 105 degree weather with HOT winds all day long. Yes, it was a killer but I sure did have a wonderful day. We got into the park and I noticed that just about everyone was in a bathing suit and as I expected heading into the water park. The water park was PACKED! The park was just about deserted. First off was Batman...we got in the station and guess what, NO ONE WAS IN THE STATION WAITING! I was almost shocked to see that, never have I saw a completely empty station at just about 1:30 in the afternoon. Sat in the front and it was a wild ride as always. 10/10 (for no line) We got back in line and there were about 5 other people in the station then the ride got stuck on the lift and we just left. 2 cars running. We headed towards Ninja and there was no line as usual...when we got on Ninja, Batman was fixed. So we got on Ninja and loved it as always. Yup, that's right...NO headbanging what so ever. 8/10 Two cars running. We wanted to go on River King Mine Train but it was closed and I thought it would be closed all day. So next we tried out the Bumper Cars which were very fun...I haven't been on those were over 5 years. Brought back alot of memories. After the bumper cars we headed up towards Scremin' Eagle and again NO LINE. No one in sight. The whole park actually felt deserted for awhile. Scremin' Eagle was great and I noticed that there were a few small tractor machines moving around in the junkyard next to River King Mine Train. I never got so much airtime on Screamin' Eagle before but today it was running great with the hot weather. I just love the sudden stop at the end, makes you fly forward...BETTER HANG ON!!! 9.5/10 Two trains/cars running By the time we got off Screamin' Eagle I was dying of thirst so I actually spent 5 minutes at the drinking fountain next to the entrence and the water was cold and tasted normal for once. Well, that gave me a major energy boost kinda like Gateraid. I was sweating so much that it looked like I got off of Thunder River and that's just about what everyone looked like that I saw walking by. I went on Boss next while my friends went on the Go-Karts. I would never pass a chance to go on my favorite woodie...Mr.Boss! (I hope that sentence didn't cross your mind as dirty. ) Ok, going through the line today...I noticed that the qeue (mis-spelled?) line is REALLY long. Walking through there sweating like a pig and going uphill the whole time...half in the sun got me tired. But when I got in the station after the long trip there I got a gift myself. COMPLETELY EMPTY STATION! WOW! I took it for granted and went on it twice in a row but without going through the line again...thank god! Both rides were great except the 2nd time I went on it...I got kinda squished by the restraint. But I had fun...threw my hands up...and just yelled in excitement. 2 trains were running then. 9/10 (would of got a 10 if I never got squished.) After that we headed down to Mr.Freeze which actually had both sides running and had about 20 people in the station. That was my first wait of the day, but it felt sooooooo good in the station...thank god they themed it to an Ice Cream Factory. Very fast, FUN, and it didn't vally on me! 10/10 (inside air-conditioned station will do it for me) Both sides running. We went on Ice Mountain Splash after that and they did install these new water cannons that shoot water at you on the right flume...the only downside is that people at the exit controll these...with a quarter. Only the right side was running today. The IMSplash never really has a problem with a line anyways. Always goes fast and never that long. Nice relaxing and enjoying ride getting a little wet. 8/10 (I wanted to get soaked by the water cannons ) After that we left the park to eat at Steak N' Shake down the street. No way am I going to spend $10 on a meal at Six Flags. When we got back to the park the water park was closing and it got much cooler outside. The bad thing was that the park got much more crowded like a regular summer day. We got on Batman once more in the front with only a 5 minute wait. Ninja once more with....get this...A LINE. Maybe there was a line because they were only using one train this time? There was also some kind of traveling group there today wearing orange shirts that said "Survivor" they were everywhere and they all seemed to LOVE Ninja because they kept on lining up for it and they were yelling "That was awesome!". River King Mine Train got stuck on the lift in front of the Ninja right before the tunnel so we went over and it was closed so we just went on Riverview Racer (swings) Nice fresh breezes and my feet were killing me. We then got really sweaty so we decided to go on Thunder River...longest wait there today. About 10 minutes at the most. Of coarse I decided to sit by myself and I got all the waves over me. I never noticed how forceful the waves were before. I also went under the waterfall which got my hair gell all over my my eyes and mouth. Yuck! When we exited I noticed that Highland Fling was gone and I know that it is being fixed now. Oh yeah, Rush Street Flyer was down also. Those were the only 2 things down all day. River King Mine Train was off and on all day too. Got a ride on Xcalibur and Scooby-Doo...had fun...heard stupid things from people in lines like this "Yeah, the fastest definetely has to be the Screamin' Eagle!"..."I thought Batman was yellow?" Yeah, I got some laughs out of those. I really felt like correcting them but I just kept my mouth shut. Would I be a Coaster Freak if I felt like hitting them when I heard them say stupid questions that I knew 100% were wrong and they think they're 100% right? Well, I had a GREAT time at Six Flags on the hottest day of the year. Park was very clean, employees VERY kind and welcoming. Actually I think that the employees made my day much better!!! I'm not going to go into detail, just go and find out. Tornado looks great and the line was packed all the way around Tornado the whole time that the water park was open! I noticed alot of new things in the park also. This park has some nice landscaping also and the atmosphere is picture perfect. There were signs everywhere in the park saying "Keep our pathways and landscaping clean for everyone's enjoyment." And some other signs specified trash cans. Well, all in all the park was very kept up and surprisingly all the employees seemed like they were having a good time even if they had to be out all day in 105 degree weather...great day to get a tan or as me, a sun burn. I had a very fun day as usual and I left very tired and wet. (spent alot of time in the mister sprayers all around the park) I will give the day a 9.5/10 only turn down was the heat. If not the major heat it would of deserved a 10, but I think this great but mid-sized park deserves a good and new coaster next year. Can't wait to go back!

Six Flags St.Louis
May want to try and break some of this up to make it easier to read.
Good TR glad to see you had a good time. Paragraphs are your friend though.

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