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Monday, March 28, 2005 11:13 AM
The trip started in cold and wet Joliet, at 3:30 am on Friday, my friends and I headed south on I-55 towards St. Louis for what for me is the start of a new springtime tradition....

The opening day at Six Flags St. Louis.

We arrived and checked into our hotel at about a quarter to nine and headed to the park at 9:30 am.

Needless to say, with the temperatures around 45 degrees the park was anything but crowded.

A rather annoying thing happened upon entering the park however, Apperently My Six Flags Season Pass from Great America, was not being excepted at the gates, the even more annoying was the fact that the gate attendants would not even scan our season passes.

Anyway, this weekend, Six Flags St. Louis had a special ECT type event going on, most rides with the exception of Mr. Freeze had a special, double ride event, which was pretty cool, but made what little lines there where at the park a little bit longer.

Anyway, our first ride was Batman, St. Louis's BTR is pretty weak and slower then SFGAM's except in the very front row in which case the ride is as amazing as any of the BTR's that i have been on. (SFGAM,SFMM,SFSTL)

Next it was off to Mr. Freeze, Last year i didnt ride this ride, and didnt get to experince this ride, but 2005 was different and we quickly headed to the last row of this ride.

Mr. Freeze for those who dont know, is a Premier LIM launch coaster that rockets you out of the station at nearly 70 MPH, you go through a top-hat, over and over banked turn, then you assend a 218 foot tall tower, and then back down through the course again backwards.

Mr. Freeze altough a decent ride, does experience at time some periods of downtime, and Today was no exception, the ride misparked several times when coming back into the station, however since there where at my estimation like around 3500 people if that in the park it didnt effect lines at all.

Next it was off to Boss, Boss would be a great ride if it wherent for the trains on it, The ride features some awesome speed, and decent air time, but is extremely rough at points.

Screamin' Eagle the parks second wooden coaster was stuck on the lift hill and then evacuated and was closed all day Friday.

Ninja is the parks Vekoma looper and is in my opinion a fairly rough ride, I didnt care for this ride that much either as my chin and neck got slammed into the OTSRs

All in all both days were walkon city, even with the double ride times.

On the second day, we power rode Screamin' Eagle 6 consecutive times and Mr. Freeze at least 4 times back to back.


Boss: Very Fast, Very Rough, but isnt that what wooden coasters are supposed to be? 7/10

Mr. Freeze: Thank god this ride doesnt have OTSRs, awesome airtime! 8/10

Screamin' Eagle: Track work over the offseason really paid off, This ride is awesome! 9/10

Ninja: Rough at Times, great headchopper action. 6/10

Batman the Ride: Ride this B&M up front, awesome in row one, average at best anywhere else: 7/10

River King Mine Train: Decent Ride, if your a taller person like me, id skip it, kinda rough on the knees in the back rows. 6/10

Overall Ratings:
Employees: 8/10 Most employees where very friendly and welcomeing
Crowds: 10/10 id estimate about 3500 people in the park on Friday maybe 5,000 on Saturday
Cleanliness: 10/10 It was however opening day
Weather: 3/10 Very cold on the second day, at least it wasnt raining.
Park Atmosphere: 10/10 Six Flags St. Louis impressed me on my weekend there. Alot better then pervious trips.

Overall Rating: 7/10 Six Flags is definately trying in the customer relations area, this rating would be a little higher had it not been for the season pass snafu on Friday, other then that, I had alot better time this time around then i did in July of 04.

Monday, March 28, 2005 11:19 AM
Kick The Sky's avatar My experiences on their Batman vs. SFGAm's Batman were that SFStl's was a bit more extreme, especially in the ending turns where the blood rushes to your feet. Could have been the cold that slowed it down a bit.

Word of friendly advice for your next trip report: is your friend... :)

Certain victory.

Monday, March 28, 2005 3:18 PM
"A rather annoying thing happened upon entering the park however, Apperently My Six Flags Season Pass from Great America, was not being excepted at the gates, the even more annoying was the fact that the gate attendants would not even scan our season passes. "

Was their something wrong with their equipment or were they just flat out refusing the passes or what was going on?

I'm visiting SFStL in a couple weeks with my 2005 great America pass and would like to know whether to expect problems or not.

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

Monday, March 28, 2005 5:49 PM
You know Brad, i dont think it was an equipment issue, i think it was the employees not wanting to take the passes.

When i went to SFMM this Feb, there was no issue what so ever. Kinda wierd :)

Monday, March 28, 2005 7:21 PM
That's odd about the season pass issue, I'm going down to St. Louis to get my season passes as well in 2 weeks. I'm sure there was a misscommunication somewhere, no big deal.

I can't wait to make it down there. None of their coasters are bad enough not to want to ride, so I enjoy going there knowing every coaster will give a fun ride. Even Ninja can be great, some complain of being "beat up" on the ride, but I've personally never had a problem with it, in fact I liked it so much on my last visit I rode it 6 times.


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