Six Flags St. Louis opening weekend. 4-9 and 4-10.

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I haven't been to this park since "99" and it really didn't really impress me back then but they have done a wonderful job on cleaning and refreshing this park. We got there saturday morning around 9:10 and lined up second at the gate. We were kinda disappointed in the opening day ceremony as it was only the Raising of the flag (not that it's bad) but we thought there would be something with the charactors out there.

Gates open early as the crowd that was lined up behind us was impressive. 9:50 we took our picture as we entered into the park and walked to a roped off area to the left. 10:00 ropes drop and off to the Boss with the rest of the huge crowed. Come to find out that the huge crowd was going to get their passes taken care off.

Get to the Boss and man is that a hike to get through the que alone not to mention the walk uphill when your home park is flat. Our legs were not in shape on friday morning. (The Boss) I was excited about this ride but not really impressed with it (sorry). This was the first time i have been in this type off train and thought they are great but the ride to me was kinda dull. The first drop was good and i loved the straight away after with the little drop and turn to the right and the helix at the end but the rest off the ride didn't do much for me. Also got stuck on the trims half way through up top on our third time on. I tried 1:2 the kids had 1:1 we hit in the middle later and finally last two seats. So I gave it a fair try.

Screaming Eagle was next and we liked it much better than The Boss. I came off smiling like my 6 and 7 year olds. Liked it so much we hit it 6 times that day and mainly last two seats on the train. Six Flags did a wonderful job retracking this ride the speed doesn't slow much. What Fun!

RKMT to quote my son "man this one is slow" One of the worst mine train coasters i've ridden. Still rode it twice that day.

Ninja was the next coaster and OUCH! Forgot how much that ride banged you around. I must confess that the lift chain is a nice headchopper effect. My kids even complained about hitting there heads and they never complain about that. Got a walkon on Batman OK waited one train for front right side. Mr.Freeze was the longest wait about 20 min as only one train was running.

Xcalibur looked a lot scarier than it actually was. I guess I looked into it way to much but still was fun to ride.

The Boss= 3 rides

Screaming Eagle= 6 rides

RKMT= 2 rides

Ninja= 3 rides

BMTR= 2 rides

Mr.Freeze= 2 rides

AGPRR= 3 rides for the kids plus all the flats around the park.

Not a bad opening day and the weather was great! Now Saturday was rainy and we still went before we had to drive north toward Chicago. What a great decision this was as we got in 2 rides each of the coasters except The Boss and SE we got 3 and we left by 1:00pm.

Thank for reading, IGGY

The Golden Rule - Try it once and if you don't like you don't have to go on again!
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The Boss was dull?!? What have they done to that ride? When I rode it in 2000, it was almost too intense!

I'll second the Screaming Eagle love. Gorgeous setting, and a FUN, classic-style ride. Glad you had fun.
Hope you enjoyed the park. Really enjoyed meeting and talking with you and your kids. Hope you enjoyed your almost solo ride ride on Highland Fling. ;)

Just a couple of G-Force junkies!

Glad to hear that another Six Flags park is improving their operations and looks this year following the same at SFOG, SFKK, SFNO, and SFGAdv. I don't think I've seen hardly any negative reviews of the parks this year so far. I hope to get to SFStL for the first time this year and ride The Boss, Screamin' Eagle, and Freeze. Thanks for writing.


I love SFSTL, I too was surprised you did not enjoy The Boss. Last year I rode that several times, and enjoyed every second of it, it is in my top 5 wooden coasters. That ride is relentless and one of te best CCI's ever built. I do agree however the walk through the queue is insane, and you are exhausted by the time you make it to the station. Not sure why you thought it was dull, unless they just didn't have it running up to speed.

Glad you had a good time on Screamin Eagle. I only rode it once but I didn't have a good ride, it was going way too fast and had so much airtime, it actually was a bad thing, because once gravity took hold, it slammed you back in the seat, and made for a painful ride. I've only rode it once, and the train was only half full, so the experience could have been different based on several factors, but when it runs good, that classic coaster puts on a ride that rivals anything out there thanks to massive air time.

I love Ninja, I'm the only one who was never bothered by the roughness on this coaster. I like unique coasters, and so I actually thought Ninja was pretty cool.

Thanks for the trip report, glad SFSTL is starting off strong again this year.

OK let me clearify, I did enjoy The Boss but I guess my expectations were higher for this ride. I did enjoy it a little better on saturday with it being a little colder and first thing in the morning. It seemed to run a little slower.

Angnjc I hope to meet you again in May at SFGam with Coasterbuzz. We would have had a solo flight if we weren't BS-ing. ;)

The Golden Rule - Try it once and if you don't like you don't have to go on again!
I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your weekend. I was working Mine Train late Saturday, so I guess I missed you. (And i agree it is slow, but that is made up for by the ghost in the tunnel ha ha) It is interesting, because most people complain that the trains on the Boss stink, but that the ride is way to intense. I have not had time to ride it yet this year, but now I am really eager to. I agree with you about Eagle though. It was running the best it has in the last five years. On employee night I rode it for nearly two hours and it was great! (seatbelts were a downside though) I am wondering if anyone else noticed how many times they played that "We Like to Party" song over the speakers.

River King Mine Train Op 2004
Mr. Freeze Op 2005

(seatbelts were a downside though)

They have seatbelts on Screamin Eagle? I swear last year they didn't have those, unless that is a new for 2004 thing? Of course I had a headache from all the banging we had on that ride the 1 tiem we rode it, so I forgot a lot of the ride details. *** Edited 4/12/2004 6:35:28 PM UTC by Dan D McD***

There were seat belts added to SE and the parks to marry go rounds.

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