Six Flags St. Louis celebrates 40th season

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Fresh coats of paint and asphalt sealant made everything seem new again at Six Flags St. Louis as workers busily put final touches on the Eureka park, which opened Saturday for its 40th season. Five full-time workers have been there since the park first opened its gates as Six Flags Over Mid-America on June 5, 1971.

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If you have never been to this park, it really is a special place. Not overly huge but packs a great selection of coasters and rides. The location is nice sitting on a huge hillside. You can pretty much see the whole park from the expressway since even the backside of the park is elevated.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Such a great much forgotten park (by Six Flags)...I used to drive 3.5 hours to ride Boss and Mr. Freeze and always hoped they would put better roller coasters like some of the other parks I am in LA and have Magic Mountain in my backyard but it is way to crowded unlike the St. Louis Park.

Hard to believe it was 40 years ago, but that year a high school friend and I made a road trip from Columbus to St Louis (where he was from) and we went to Six Flags over Mid America. It was my first Six Flags park, and after hearing and reading about the other two parks, Texas and Georgia, I couldn't wait to see it. We were mildy disappointed to find that opening year included a total of about only about 11 rides, and none of them too thrilling. (Hoo Hoo, Sky-way, Angle Tangle, Mule-go-Round, Sportscar Ride, Hannibarrel, Chevy Show, River King Mine Ride, Train, Injun Joe's Cave, Moon Cars, and Mississippi Adventure boat ride are all i can think of- there was a Dolphin show and the Pet-a-Pet, too) But we had a good time, it wasn't very busy, and we rode each of those 11 rides over and over. The coaster, both car rides, and the flume were "double", with a left and right side, which was a trend at Six Flags parks - no doubt in an effort to economically boost capacity. We only got to ride the right side of the Mine Ride, though, as the left was still under construction.

My latest visit to the park was just last October, and it was fun to see what's changed and what hasn't. (After all these years Hannibarrels, for some reason, remain SBNO - whats up with that?) Fortunately the remaining side of the Mine Ride is the side we didn't get that first year, so eventually I got 'em both!

Congratulations to Six Flags St. Louis and thanks for some fun times!

What's really great about this park is that if you go on a hot day during the summer, there are short lines for all the rides since most cars in the parking lot are for people in Hurricane Harbor. The last 2 times I've been, the waits for the coasters were no more than a couple trains if that. I was there in 2008 just a few days after Evel Knievel opened and never waited more than 3 trains to ride all day.

I'll be passing through St. Louis twice in June, so I plan to make good use of my season pass.

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