Six Flags St. Louis announces Supergirl flat ride

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From the park:

Drawing on Supergirl's powers of stamina and strength, thrill seekers spin and tilt, all while suspended from the whirling wheel of justice. Riders are raised up by a giant arm, feet dangling, and then launched into a high-speed spin... round and round... higher and higher.

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I'm loving Six Flags for the (increased) incorporation of female super hero themes to their rides :)

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Agreed. I’m glad that corporations are starting to realize that women, black folk, Asians, etc want to see themselves represented in popular culture. Oh, and they have money to spend too. Can’t believe it took this long.

No, wait. Yes I can. Because rich old white men.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Pretty sure they're just applying already popular IP to rides. I doubt it's deeper than that.

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But that’s the point. They were always popular with minorities yet how often did we see parks or companies release rides themed to women? Minorities?

Black Panther?

I think they’re absolutely doing it for money, but they’re late in realizing the money has BEEN there.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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The success of Busch Gardens theming a ride to Latina sensation Shakira has clearly rubbed off on other parks.


But about the ride for a second...

I rode one of these new Endeavor rides at Kentucky Kingdom, an apt replacement for their Enterprise, I suppose, and this one replaces the Intamin version, Highland Fling. The ride is ok, the seats are single rider only, so there’s 0 chance for canoodling. The lift mechanism is strange with a dual action so that quick whoosh to the top the Enterprise has is lost. Oh, and I felt like my feet were gonna get pulled out of the sockets. And I got pretty dizzy. Otherwise it was GREAT!

Poor Six Flags St Louis. For being in such a large metro area they sure are the red-headed stepchild of the chain. I don’t thinks there’s been a coaster installation there since 2013, and even that was a Senior Rescue. Oh well.

Six Flags St Louis for some reason gets very little year after year, though it seems lately that majority of the Six Flags parks have been getting some pretty lame additions that you can find at a carnival. Guess it works though as they keep adding them!

As for the Supergirl ride its nice to see they are adding these names to the park, but where they are putting this ride in the park makes no is in the Britannica section of the park. Six Flags might as well get rid of all of the themed areas and make it one big DC Comics land.

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Also, DC Universe sucks.

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