Six Flags St. Louis 6/21

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Our fourth park visit of out trip was hot. Tmeperatures were near 100 and the humidity was also high. My daughters spent most of the day in the water park, and I joined them for a while to cool down.

Mr. Freeze was terrific without the OTSRs. I watched the head of the man in front of me as it swung back and forth rapidly. I'm sure that my head was doing the same thing, and the ride would have been painful if it still had the OTSRs. The station themeing was good, but they were only operating one train despite a 50 minute queue. I don't know why only one was operating. The take off is a little less sudden than on some other LIM posered coasters since it starts on the tranfer table and there are only a couple of LIMs on the table.

Batman, The Ride was the same as all of the other BTRs, but that is pretty good.

River King Mine Train didn't do much despite 3 lift hills.

Ninja is an Arrow looper. It was less of a head banger than most though it did give me one good shot coming out of the corkscrew.

The woodies were the big disappointment of the park. Boss was very rough riding and didn't do much exciting. Screamin' Eagle was even rougher, though not as bad as Wolverine Wildcat. Screamin' Eagle did have some good air time and could be a good ride smoothed out.

The park has a nice hill side location and is more attractive than most parks.

I hope to get out to SFStl. one day. It looks like such a nice park. Good TR

Deja Vu Count = 18

Wasn't he in SF St' Loius? Nice TR.

-Sean Newman
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