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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 11:38 PM
Well, it's good to back to the boards after a 12 day trip to Cornerstone festival (Yes! I finally got to see Saviour Machine...I was right by the stage too!!) Anyway, on the way to said festival, my father allowed my friend my brother and me to stop off at Six Flags Saint Louis. This is my report:

When we first got there, my friend decided to buy a season pass there, just because he thought it would be cool to own one that said St. Louis on it.
Coaster # 54 - We immediately walked to the boss, and saw a full queue, which was only about 30 minutes. That dude Roger, who is going for 100 days on this ride was there, and he had padding and gloves etc...what a strange man. Anyway, on to the ride. This was my second CCI, so I was rather excited. After a large but not too exciting drop, the train goes through and unusually straight track for a while before ducking down and to the right. That's when the shaking begins. We go up a few huge hills, turn around, and fly back down. This ride is very rough...the way I like it. After a few more turnarounds and drops, we go through a couple of semi-bunny hops, and then on to the neverending helix. This thing is long! Overall a great ride, although the trains were very uncomfortable. After three rides, my legs were starting to hurt, and I have ridden Psyclone 11 times in one day. Overall, it gets an 8.5/10.

Coaster # 55 - On to the Screamin' Eagle. This had a 20 minute wait. I wasn't expecting much, but this thing absolutely rocked! After the first two drops, this thing really starts moving. I love how it goes through the forest. Some of the drops are filled with great airtime. Especially the drop after the turnaround next to the boss, where I got thrown out of my seat twice(!) during just one drop. How that was acheived, I have no idea. I just loved it. The roughness was odd, as it really seemed to rattle its riders only at the bottom of drops, during straightened out pieces of track. Definitely the best ride in the park. It gets a 9/10.

By the way, the brake run at the end of Screamin' Eagle is long enough for two trains, and the brakes don't hit until the train is through the first half, and I seriously thought we were going to hit the train in the station. That got my pulse going! Another strange thing is that the railings along the track are painted blue, and look very nice for about half the lift. After that, it is really peeled and faded. It looks like they went to repaint the ride and ran out of paint! Perhaps they are only half way done...I don't know, I wish it was either all faded and chipped or all fresh.

Coaster # 56 - Under the tunnels and on to Mr. Freeze. This is the same as the one at SFOT, which I had been on, except it's a mirror image...and it's rougher. What everyone said is true: This one beats you around a little bit. The other Mr. Freeze had no side to side bumping, but this one had a bunch. Still a great ride with awesome acceleration, one of the greatest inversions known to man(the top-hat), and a cool spike with magnets that propel you up. I like this ride, it's just kind of painful. The headrests are very, very padded, though, so the headbanging wasn't too much of a problem. The main problem is the same for all premier launched coasters that tall people go on: The restraints always push down lower during the ride. Isn't there some way they can keep that from happening? Anyway, an extreme rush nonetheless. 8/10.

Coaster # 57 - After a few non coaster rides (i.e. water rides) we walked over to Ninja, which was a one train wait. The drop was fine, the first two loops were fine, and then there was a really cool headchopper affect going under the lift hill. It was really unexpected. Then there was a turn which could have been painful had I not braced myself, a corkscrew, and a cool helix. The trains had those rock hard restraints, so if you don't brace yourself, there will be much pain. Anyway, it was a fun ride, although nothing too spectacular. 6.5/10

Coaster # 58 - Batman the ride was the same as every other batman, but it was a mirror image. This made the drop, inline twist, and turns seem very odd. I really liked it, as it was a breath of fresh air from the batman from home I have memorized. 8.5/10

After my brother and friend left, I got to stick around and go on some more rides.
Coaster # 59 - River King Mine Ride was an okay mine train, with three ( :( !) lift hills! The main cool elements were a helix, and a great enclosed drop. 5/10

I was supposed to meet Raven_rider by the boss, but due to an unfortunate situation where I was needed at the campsite, I never did get to see him. It was pretty disappointing, actually. Sorry, dude.

Overall it was a great park, with a somewhat confusing layout. For such an old park it's a shame they don't have more coasters. Anyway, I was pleased with what they had, and I'm glad I went.

Coaster count for the day:

Boss - 3
Screamin' Eagle - 3
Ninja - 1
Mr. Freeze - 2
Batman the Ride - 1
River King Mine Ride - 1

Parks I saw that I couldn't enter due to the fact I was going with non-enthusiasts, and they didn't want to stop at more than one park: Fronteir City in Oklahoma City, Adventureland in Des Moines, and all the Vegas Coasters. I ate lunch in Circus Circus, and I couldn't even go upstairs to ride Canyon Blaster. *sigh* I guess I should be glad they let me even go to SFSTL. That was a nice park...
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Thursday, July 12, 2001 8:20 AM
Hey man, that's actually good that you didn't get to come to the Boss, because I didn't show up either.:) I had a flight set up on the Dragon's Wing,(skycoaster), for 2:50, and it took a little longer than I expected, so I didn't get done until 3:15. So, anyway, glad your trip worked out well other than that!


"Hold on tight, with all your might, and enjoy your flight on the Raven!"

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