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We were at SFoG yesterday. When we went to park I handed the girl my SFStL season pass with parking clearly marked on the front of it. She could not get it to scan and was not allowed to over ride the system and wave me through. I ended up having to pay her $15 to park and then get a refund. Luckily it was not a big deal as we were there well before the park opened.

Later in the day we went to Guest Relations where we were letting them know about our dissatisfaction with the one train operations and the coasters opening late but that is for another topic. We mentioned to the very nice GR supervisor about the parking issue and that we were hoping to not have the issue when we came back in from after lunch. He informed us that SF has a new policy that if you purchased the parking, you only could get free parking at the park the pass was issued for and that they would not be offing refunds on non SFoG parking passes. This is completely opposite of what is stated on the back of the pass which says "Season parking passes may be used at other parks".

As we were heading out for lunch we talked to the parking supervisor and she told us to go over to the parking attendant so that they would recognize us and let us back in with out having the charge us again. Surprisingly this worked but had us more then a bit worried.

I have posted this to the SFoG facebook page and got a response that they are looking into it. This sounds like another case of a suit in corporate coming up with an idea without thinking it through or checking all the details of what they had sold. The worse part is how their decisions effect the front line employee that is only trying to do their job and earn an income.

Just as an added note, EVERY employee that we came across was friendly and helpful to the point were corporate tied their hands.

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Wow. Assuming that season pass parking purchased at one park is not valid at any others I'd absolutely say that this a case of miscommunication. I've never had an issue with passes or parking working at other Six Flags, so I'm really hoping that this is just SFOG employees not being given the right information and that the old policy still applies.

I was absolutely impressed with SFOG's employees and their attitudes. Very friendly and helpful as you mentioned. However, as you also mentioned the ride operations as a whole were abyssmal. Every ride in the park should have been no more than a station wait, and yet it took an hour to get through the Goliath line with three or four hundred people in front of us. I can understand the slow ops to some degree (training purposes) but the one-train ops I can't understand. Not a good way to start the season by any means.

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The GR supervisor and the parking supervisor both mentioned recent emails about this from corporate. One said that she was going to spend some time re-reading the e-mails.

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..and how many parks planned for 2010 Dave, so I can live vicariously through you again.

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I got a response back from my facebook post that they now say that my pass will work at all SF parks. They did not say that parking would work at all parks, but that is what I took to be implied.

Ken, not as many as last year. The only park hops this year will be KD,CW, SFoG & DW in early April if I305 opens on time & a major trip that could include Waldameer, Canada's Wonderland, LaRonde, Canobie, SFNE Lake Compounce, SFGAd, Hershey & Knobels.

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Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

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