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i went to fiesta texas from houston this past sunday to active my season pass. i got there at 11 am and was back n my car at 12:15. it has been 5 yrs since the last coaster addition and when i got there i was bored. i activated my pass then went immediatly over the rattler which is the parks woodie. rode it once then walked over to the superman, rode it once and then went and rode the bugs bunny water ride and walked back to my car. there has neva been a time i have driven for 4 hrs and stayed at a park for 1 hr. this is a park for kiddies to me. they only have 2 rollercoasters worth standing in line for and once u have ridden them ova and ova it isnt exciting anymore. i am going to six flags dallas next week which has my favorite coaster THE TEXAS GIANT. this park has more to offer than san antonio, but no where near the excitement of majic mountain.

PS i dont miss astroworld at all. it just looks strange to pass there and see the lot empty.

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Please capitalize the first letter of each sentence. It makes things so much easier to read. Thanks!
Was Poltergeist down then?
Different people certianly experience parks differently. I spent a day and a half there a few years ago, and never once ran out of things to do---and I barely got into the waterpark!

Well maintained, good operations, attractive setting, good-to-great shows, and a nice mix of attractions. Plus, Shiner Bock!

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^ EXACTLY. Even having a whole day to myself prior to my companions' arrival in addition to the *event* there (FiestaFest by name), the only way I even found myself in the waterpark was for some sweet Tornado ERT.

I could spend all day between the most-awesomely themed flume anywhere, RRE - mine train on steroids, Polty, and S:KC...then there's the boardwalk section, the awesome shows (and I want another kiss from *the* Motown singer).

I dont know if poltergeist was open. I didint go that far into the park. It is just once I went to magic mountain and they had every type of coaster there, every other park was just nothing to me. Now I am going to new jersey to the park and that one looks fun. Everyone is looking 4 something different in a park. I go strictly for the thrills. I have a daredevil personality. The only park that impressed me ambiance wise was busch gardens williamsburg. Now this is just my opinion. I didnt know that people were so sensitive to the point of insulting someone because of a difference of opinion
It appears that you've been banhammered, so you probably won't create a new id to respond to this, but I just have to ask:

Where in this thread did anyone insult you, or even come "to the point" of doing so?

Pancake was a bit snarky, but if you find that insulting, well, good luck.

I can certainly appreciate the fact that some people are there only for the roller coasters, and the big ones at that. If that's you, there really are only a handful of parks that you are going to find worth more than a few hours of your time.

Hey, I like a good coaster selection as well, but please don't be so harsh on SFFT. Out of all the SF parks that I've been to, this is one of the top 2 for me. And of course, this is coming out of the following list:


Sure, coasters and thrill ride selections are nice, but try to enjoy a park as a whole sometime. You may find you were missing out on something great. SFFT has one of the most unique locations out of any theme park in the world, and it has some great theming to boot. Try to give in another chance.

I haven't been to SFFT yet, but I'll be going pretty soon. By the way you said that Texas Giant is your favorite ride, so does that mean you like headaches? Because that's all that ride really is.

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Texas Giant is a great ride. In the front of the train, anyway.

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