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I hope this hasn't already been covered. If so, my apologies.

Today I received in the mail a renewal 2009 Play Pass from Six Flags America, complete with my photo from last year and everything. I hadn't purchased a renewal for 2009, so I was surprised.

It came with a letter thanking me for being a 2008 Play Pass holder and inviting me to go online and activate my 2009 pass. It offered a few incentives to do so and the pass they've already printed would become valid should I do it. Kind of like a new debit/credit card.

Is this new or is this the way Six Flags has always managed their renewals? I can't figure out if I think it's a great idea or a waste of limited resources. I hadn't planned on renewing as the pass from last year was a gift.

Then again, when I saw just how easy it was to renew, I gave it serious consideration. And knowing that my new pass is right at my fingertips will keep the idea of activating it on my mind should summer plans take me close to a few Six Flags parks this summer.

That's pretty cool.

Here's some info on it:

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That's a pretty good idea on Six Flags' part. I bet it gets more people to renew. I doubt it cost much to print, so they probably will make more money in the long run, if the idea works that is.

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The consensus seemed to agree that it was brilliant when the topic came up last year. (linky link)

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Ok, thanks.

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Undeleted! :)

Leave it up, Carrie. It's been a year since the last one. I'd be interested in how many former passholders get these this time. And whether or not people still like the idea.

I wish CF would make renewal this hassle free (says Touchdown still trying to figure out where and when he will be processing his pass.)

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Lord Gonchar said:
Undeleted! :)

Way to flaunt your power there, Gonch. That's pretty hot! ;) :)

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Yeah, if only it were possible back when I accidentially killed that huge HW thread. :(

LOL....we all know you were part of a huge conspiracy, Gonch. ;)

--George H

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So, yeah, has anyone renewed their passes in the past solely as a result of having received one in the mail like this? I'm really curious.

The other thing about it that I really hope was planned and not by accident is the timing. I received it today and opening day at SFA is tomorrow. How perfect is that? With a few key strokes (and paying, of course) I could just show up tomorrow if I felt like and head to the gate without hassle or having to stop off anywhere.

Having seen this now, I really do have to chuckle at the lack of process at CF parks. As Touchdown mentioned, it hasn't even been clear how or where you can get a CF Platinum Pass processed.

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I always renew my SFMM pass in November each year. That way I receive it before the start of the new year and can start using it immediately. It is very convenient. CF seems to be a little behind the times, judging by the comments I read on here. But since KBF is the only CF park I go to, and it is only 10 mins. away, it is easy enough for me to renew my KBF pass on my first visit of each year which is near my passes expiration date.

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I felt the same as Carrie when mine came in the mail and just like her mine was going to be for last year only. I really have no intention of activating it but I didn't shred it either. I've had it for at least 3 weeks, it lays in the drawer, just tempting me.

Ours came in the mail a couple of weeks ago from SFKK, but we didn't renew them. I think it's a great idea but we don't have any SF parks in our plans this year so no need to renew.

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Does the pass go "hot" as soon as you activate it? If so, can you use it right away at any six flags or do you have to use it at the home park first?

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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I always renew the fall before, because there's usually a $5-$10 discount. I also try to remember the 1 day sales around thanksgiving and Christmas where there was a $20 discount.

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