Six Flags purchases Sea World of Ohio for $110 million

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In a move that has the Cleveland area buzzing, Six Flags, Inc., today announced the purchase of Sea World of Ohio, located adjacent to its own Six Flags Ohio. The announcement comes only a week after the park announced the construction of a Vekoma Flying Dutchman called X-Flight.

Read more about the details of the sale from PR Newswire.

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This is sort of confusing. A Busch park has been purchased by Sea World. What if you have a Sea World Ohio pass for next year? Is it still good at the Busch Parks now that its Six Flags? Will it still be Sea World?
Why are there so many rivalries on this board about individual parks.
I think everybody here would want there to be more coasters and more parks, and for every park chain to prosper in this big boom in the last few years by everybody in the buisness. The end result is more coasters and more parks.

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Star - Busch owns the Sea World Parks. They bought them from Harcourt Brace in the early 90's. They sold only this park to Premier Parks. Hopefully they will leave the others alone. I can't stand the thought of Six Flags in San Diego.

Oh my freekin' head!
Jease I have never seen so many posts in 1/2 an hour!

But ill get to my point,I can just see a huge record setting B&M invert on the way!!!

SFO RULES!!!Bye,bey seaworld,ha,ha,ha,ha!!
:: 752 acres is a BIG plot of land ::

I wonder how much of that is lake?
Oh also SFO is not getting Drachen Fire,sombody else already menchtend that somewhere else at a different time!
By the way, if this was such a good deal for Premier Parks why was there no change in it's stock price today? FUN was up a quarter. Besides, FUN pays better dividends and permits re-investment which can generally go a long way to expand your portfolio. By the way, "It's generally those who say others don't have a life who don't have a life themselves!"

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How far are they away from each other. SFO and Sea World Ohio
They are right across the lake from each other.

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I agree with chip wood.. this should't be that big of a suprise except for the timing factor. I find it really interesting cause now other area parks like CP PKI and Kennywood are gonna have to start working harder by adding more rides, attractions, and what not to stay competitive. It's gonna get really exciting these next few years!!
Sure are a lot of people here at the Buzz that think they are Wall Street gurus. Claiming that SF is over spending, declining stock etc. Give me a break. Why would SF just spend themselves into bankruptcy? That's right, they wouldn't. I assure you that these are not impulse purchases and have been justified many times over on paper. I'd suggest some basic finance classes for all you coaster enthusiast turned wanna be financial analyst.
I am an employee at SeaWorld and I heard rumors about this but everyone thought it was highly unlikely to happen. My questions are the Parking situation, will they move the parking around to the SeaWorld side and bring a walkway around the park where the Happy Harbor/Raging Wolf Bobs is currently located and another near Asian Adventures and the Waterpark, Oh the mania I make good money at SW i hope that this acquisition doesn't affect my income, since SF employees were making $5.25+/-. Also an B&M inverted and Giavonola Hyper would be great on the lake on the Sea World side and the Aurora area has a hotel, The Woodlands Inn already called Six Flags Hotel of Ohio, so with another Hotel this is destined to be a great resort. From what I was told in our Employee handbook Seaworld is a 90 acre marine park, that also owns land in the surrounding area. Also the beverages, SeaWorld is a Pepsi park SF is a Coca Cola park how will they solve that, and SF has franchise restaurants like KFC Mr Hero and Pizza Hut SW doesn't have any what about that, also SW sells high quality moderately priced food whereas SF sells boxed nasty crap (I know from experience) at real expensive prices, what will they do about that. Is it likely that the Raging Wolf Bobs could go to Wyandot Lake if a walkway is planned to link the park that way? Lastly, what will they call the Sea World characters Shamu, Clyde, Dolly, Seamore, Virgil and Penny and Pete themed areas and attractions?

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I don't like this at all. I just lost respect for Busch Parks management. I can't even begin to think of the changes that are going to happen for the worse. First of all, I do NOT want Six Flags running the quiet FAMILY place formally called Sea World. The place is just fine. If they don't change it at all then I will be happy and maybe visit the place again, but if they do I will never go there again. They will probably add rides there, and that would increase patronship, and poof you have an over crowding problem just like SFO. Then there is the problem of not enough seating. I went there on a not very crowded day and we barely found seats. I just don't like this at all. I just wonder if they will let "Sea World" keep their management.

Also what would they rename the killer whales?
Anybody got any ideas??
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God this makes me sick.

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Personally I would rename Sea World and operate it the exact same with different admission. Sea World booms with attendance.
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Seems like everyone that is against it, is a big CP fan! My home park's are both CP and SFO, I do not compare these two parks becuase I get a different expeirience from each park. People that love CP so much should be happy, now they will have to compete alot more and they will more than likely be adding alot of new world-class rides.

I agree with T-Wolf, we all here are enthusiasts and we love coasters, let's all just be happy that this will put the theme park bussiness into maximum over-drive and will most likely secure the boost we are currently expeiriencing in the theme park bussiness. I just hope fans aren't this bitter when I start designing coasters!

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i personaly love this whole thing i think its probably the greatest thing to happen to the ohio theme parks. this will stimulate a boom with all of the parks cant wait to see what happens
One thing that I have seen a couple of the other discussions is that SFO needs to find a way to get people to plan an entire vacation around their property. This the way to do it. The way I see it, they would have two separate parks and offer multi-day deals like Disney or Universal.

When Premier bought Funtime Inc., Geauga Lake switched from Pepsi to Coke so expect the same thing to happen. Geauga Lake had the same boxed crap under Funtime and I am sure that they will not change too much of the management so the same people will probably be buying food as they always have. This may change however, and knowing SF they will probably take the cheapest route possible.
will our six flags passes also be good at sea world ohio???
Realy I agree with you "Cedarnut00" this is a good thing not a bad thing,and everbody else thinks it is the worst thing that ever happened in the amuesment park industry!Too bad i am moving to Florida :(

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