Six Flags provides game plan for 2007

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On a call this morning with investors and analysts, Six Flags, Inc. President and CEO Mark Shapiro discussed new corporate alliances and revealed new entertainment and marketing initiatives for the company's parks in 2007. The Company also reiterated that it would reach a decision on potential asset sales by the end of the year and added that if the parks are sold it will be strictly as ongoing concerns. In addition, Shapiro announced that single-day main gate ticket prices for all Six Flags parks will not be increased for 2007.

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Could someone tell me which 9 parks are "in danger"?
Don't know for sure but:

1) Six Flags Magic Mountain & Hurrican e Harbour
2) Six Flags Darien Lake
3) Six Flags Elitch Gardens
4) Six Flags Waterworld (Concord, CA)
5) Wild Waves & Enchanted Village
6) Six Flags Splashtown (Houston)

Gone for sure next year:

1) Frontier City (OK City)
2) White Water Bay (OK City)
3) Wyandot Lake (Columbus, OH)
4) Six Flags Waterworld (Sacramento, CA)

Future Uncertain:

1) Six Flags New Orleans

I know alot of people on this site will be negative toward these items. You have to admit that the current management is not sitting on their rears and making excuses. They are putting forth a very strong effort. Announcing that the Parks to be sold will be open as Parks is very smart and may fend off any backlash for this year. I do not know if any of this will make money or work out in the long run- at least they are working hard. That is more than I can say about Burke & Company. Panda Express, Ted's Coney Island and Stone Cold will be very welcome additions to SF Parks. Now if they can find a way to keep the Parks clean, safe and lines moving........
"Could someone tell me which 9 parks are "in danger"?

In danger of what? Finally being released from the financial restraints of Six Flags?

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