Six Flags parking pass going back to the Burke era.

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Today's FB post says that SF will include one free parking voucher for any *other* SF park in the season pass "valuebook".

Score! I don't visit any single SF park frequently enough to make use of a parking pass, but i've always gotten the parking before since it got me free parknig at those "other parks". Big win for the road warriors among us... :)

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That is a cool thing. We have 4 in our family so that means we score free parking for 5 parks. The SFGADV that we got free with our passes and the 4 that we will get with the books. This makes me very happy. Of course we will probably be at SFOG before SFGADV opens.

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Sadness. Next year I was going to buy the "no coupon book" season pass, since this year is the first year we didn't use any of the coupons. Now I may have to reconsider (though I'm still not sure we'll use the coupon for free parking).

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The comedy aspect of all this? SF's avatar on FB is a Monopoly-styled car with the words "free parking" underneath...good times! :)

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Chitown said:
It seems Six Flags is going back to the Burke era with parking passes. You will no longer be allowed to use your parking pass outside of your home park.

Missing Shapiro already? lol

Do you have a link to this? (I am not a Facebook member). I am hoping you mean in 2011 as I already bought a 2010 parking pass under the assumption I would be able to use it on my fall 2010 trip to multiple other SF parks. Since I don't have a "home" SF park anymore I have not gotten my money's worth on the parking pass yet, but I will if I can use the 2010 parking pass at the 4 other SF's I am visiting this month, which was the reason I bought the parking pass in the first place, as I was told it would be accepted chain-wide like it was last year . (I do nearly ALL of my traveling in the fall, to take advantage of the cool weather and more hours for night rides, even though I'm not a big Halloween fan!)

Any info would be appreciated!

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Frontrider - your 2010 parking pass is good at all parks (takes a little "convincing" at some of the parks, but it IS valid thru 2010). The 2011 parking passes will be good ONLY at the park where you purchased it.

signed, someone with no real SF or CF "home" parks... ;)

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