Six Flags Over Texas.....Part 2

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003 2:16 PM
I said I was going to finish the rest of the park, so I went last Tuesday from about noon to seven, and since it was raining a bit that day and it was fairly chilly, there were no waits and I got on everything about three times, but let's start from the beginning.

When I got there, I went straight to Batman again since Titan was said to be closed all day, but more on that later. It was a walk-on to the front row, so my brother and I went there. The front was fun I guess, but the ride is still damn amazing in the back row. I love this ride if the wait isn't too long. Rating: 8/10

Sadly, Mr. Freeze was closed, but an update at Guest Relations said it would now only be a few months until it opens. That nearly made my day. Since the line was non-existant, we went on the Vekoma boomerand Flashback next. If the ride rode as good as it looked, it would be a pretty fun ride, but it is too bumpy and I am not proud to admit I got a bloody nose. That may have been my last ride on that. Rating: 2/10

Nearby was the classic out-and-back woodie called Judge Roy Scream, and it is still very fun for a small ride. Definetely worth the walk on it was sporting. Unfortunetely, there was no airtime to be found. Rating:7/10

It was about two now (we played some games) and my brother and I were getting pretty hungry, so we went to the usual Gator McGee's Mountaingrille. Those buffalo chicken wings are very damn delicious. I love the place.

Gator McGee also has a roller coaster next to his grille called Runaway Mountain, which is basically an indoor Jet Star clone from Premeir. The ride is well themed with some cheesy green and blue lights, but the ride is a great little package that everyone should ride. Strong G's and one very nice drop, full of airtime. Rating: 8/10

Titan was still closed, but The Texas Giant was running with almost no line (five minute wait) and two cars, so we took two fun rides on it. It has one hell of a good job with a great layout and excellent speed, but the last 1000 feet are absolute genius. Rating: 9/10

It was about four now, and we headed over to Shockwave, which I really didn't enjoy much that day. The drop had good airtime as did a few of those hills, but it felt as though metal spikes were pressing against my lap, because it hurt like hell. Painful ride nearly redeemed by the always excellent double loops. Rating: 5/10

Until six O' clock, we took some rides on every ride (except Flashback) a couple of times each, and I must say, Superman looks amazing. The theming looks very appropriate and the ride itself is a sight to see. I can't wait until March 29!

At six, Titan unexpectingly opened up and I got to great rides on this masterpiece of a ride. A great that had a very long wait. Forty Five minutes was the quene line wait. We waited, expecting it to be the last ride of the day. We got on at six forty and rode it. Amazing ride. We also decided to ride The Texas Giant one more time, leaving us with five mintues until the park closes. We ran to Titan to get one more thrilling ride on the Greatest Thrill in Texas. Rating:10/10.

Great day, and I expect better when Superman opens!


Wednesday, March 26, 2003 5:47 PM



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