Six Flags Over Texas on 5/22

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Sunday, May 23, 2004 10:34 PM
Well since I've got the worst conputer on the planet (it freezes if it gets too hot), I'm just going to briefly summarize what we did.

Titan: Giovanola hypercoaster. We hit this first, and in the middle, the Gg's were too intense for me. I'll only ride in the back seats of any coaster I ride because I think that's where it's the most comfortable. This ride was good, but nothing like a back seat ride.

Texas Giant: Summers/Din woodie. I hadn't ridden this in 2 years, so I plopped mysef in the backseat for a ride. First, the PTC trailered trains on this thing have got to go. They're what makes this ride rough. I mean, the thing was bouncing and mistracking all over the place but the ride was still ok, if not good. There were 2 moments of ejector air and some sharp laterals.

LaAntique Cars: genuine antique cars. Uneventful.

Log Flume: I usually don't ride this one because of how rough it is but I rode it yesterday and got absolutely soaked (I think my dad had something to do with it).

Lavibora: Intamin bobsled. This ride usually isn't bad, but today my mom had to sit in the same seat with me, so a smooth and fun ride was turned into a painful and jerky ride.

Somberero: Chance Trabant. They were running this backwards today! That was the first time I'd sen it run backwards.

Texas Tornado: Chance Yo-yo. My favorite flat ride here. It was shorter than it usually is, though.

Batman: The Ride: B and M inverted. There was some headbanging in the front seat of this ride, where I found myself sitting. There was also aome shuffling in the corkscrews.

Judge Roy Scream: Cobb out and back. This is my favorite woodie. There is ejecor cir on two of the hills and it still packs a punch after all these years.

Overall, the day was fun. The staff were very energetic and happy to be there and all the rides were fantastic.

John Moore


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