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For some odd reason, my brother and I had a rare free morning and afternoon to waste anyway we pleased. So we thought, "What the Hell. Let's drive down to Six Flags.

We got to the park at around 11:15 this morning, to find a surprisingly large crowd in the excruciating 98 degree heat. After flashing our season passes to the ticket guy, we made our way to the Gotham Plaza part of the park to ride the two roller coasters in that area: Mr. Freeze and Batman: The Ride. We walked through the cleverly themed Mr. Freeze entrance to find a one hour wait with no signs of the line moving. We've both been on this ride plenty of times, so it didn't break our hearts to skip it this once. Right next door, at the usually more popular Batman: The Ride, my brother and I walk through the who line to find no more than a ten minute wait, and that includes the extra time for the front seat.

I love this ride, and I always will. The front row was an added bonus because of the great view and intense G's it pulls. The vertical loops and the heartline twists were especially effective today. This ride strives on the short running time, quick speeds, and intense elements that may never get old.

From there, we headed towards the twenty minute wait of one of my favorite rides in the park: Superman: Tower of Power. This is one of the S&S spaceshot rides that launches you into the air and quick speeds and gives you good airtime. The stop at the top of the 325 foot tower gave me extremely good airtime. My only beef is that it is far too short for the time waiting in the nearly unbearable heat.

It was about 12:30 at this time, so my brother and I headed over to get some lunch at the Gator McGee's Mountainside Grill, where we both got buffalo chicken tenders and fries. Great meal, but the fact that we had to sit outside in the heat wasn't an attractive feature. Oh well, it was only for a few minutes.

We skipped out on the indoor roller coaster because neither of us really like it much, so we went to the Texas themed area to catch the two largest roller coasters in the park. The first stop was to the Titan roller coaster, which loomed over the rest of the park with its 250 foot height. You feel every bit of the 85 miles per hour on that first drop, and I'll be damned if you can keep your eyes open on the two upward and downward helices. The force is so strong and so powerful. I freaking love it!

Our next stop was The Texas Giant wooden roller coaster, which to me shows which part of the ride is the boss. It sure as hell ain't the rider, because once the gem gets ahold of you, just enjoy the ride and hope that you aren't overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of this coaster. From the looks of it before we rode Titan, the line looked to reach about half an hour, but it really just had a ride attendant allowing only a few people into the station at a time, so we only waited ten minutes. We hopped immediately on the front row, and had a blast on easily my favorite roller coaster in the park.

It was about 2:15 in the afternoon, and it had reached over one hundred degrees. We walked over to the Runaway Mine Train, which was located on the exact opposite of the park. Luckily, it was only a ten minute wait, so we got on and off fairly quickly. It is a lengthy ride and relaxing enough to always warrant a quick ride. You get good views of the Mr. Freeze roller coaster as well as Superman: Tower of Power and Shockwave (a 1970's looping coaster that was closed today). At about 2:45, the lines were starting to get bad and the heat wasn't getting any easier. So we thought one more ride before we end the day. The ride was Spongebob Squarepants: The Ride 4D, complete with a long 45 minute wait with no air conditioning or fans.

This ride was actually pretty damn fun. The humor is piss poor, make no mistake, but the 3D effects and the seat movements made this an above average motion simulator attraction. The air conditioning inside the theater was probably the most joyous experience I've had in a long time. Now just to get those damn kids from singing that freaking Spongebob song.......

Overall, I had a very fun day cut short by some undesirable lines and weather. The rides we rode were great fun and I always have a blast when I go to this park. It is easily in the top three Six Flags parks, and in the top ten overall amusement parks I've ever been too. Can't wait til next time! *** Edited 8/5/2004 11:08:48 PM UTC by coastergoose***

Have you ever seen a man eat his own face?

This is PG website, so you might not want to use the "F" word.

I also went SFOT a few days ago, and was very surprised by how awesome the Texas Giant is. It's also my favorite ride in the park.

Sorry. I originally posted this on a R rated movie website (in the off-topic section), and I forgot to change in the copy/paste process.

Have you ever seen a man eat his own face?

GoliathKills said:
This is PG website, so you might not want to use the "F" word.

I also went SFOT a few days ago, and was very surprised by how awesome the Texas Giant is. It's also my favorite ride in the park.

I just want to smack the people that complain about Texas Giant being too rough. This gem grips you from the get go and refuses to let go. It shows the rider who's in control. Very few coasters have this ability, and I believe this masterpiece is one of them.

Have you ever seen a man eat his own face?

You don't like Runaway Mountain? Sacrilege! Sorry, I have to support the home teams first coaster.

Even though Texas Giant and Mean Streak may look the same from the outside, Texas Giant is hands down the better ride. It just took me one ride in the front seat with someone who was fairly light to figure that out.

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