Six Flags Over Texas: 4/22/05

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rHey, I just got back from a short trip to Texas where I was able to visit SFOT.

I arrived at the park at about 11 to find about 30 school buses parked in the parking lot. Apparently it was Texas history day or something at the park.

The first thing I did when I got into the park was head for Titan. About five minutes into my search for it, I was lost. This is by far the most confusing park to navigate. There are sooo many little paths and dead ends that go everywhere.

Titan- The ride was about a 20min wait and I waited extra for the back row. The first drop and turnaround piece were awsome, but the rest of the ride was just, ok. The helix was great and very intense, but after the EXTREMLY hard breaking on the MCBR, I lost interest in the ride. 7/10

Next I took a long walk over to the other side of the park to go on Mr. Freeze. I really enjoyed the themeing in the park and it seemed rather clean.

Mr. Freeze- This is a great ride. I waited about 45min for this ride and got the front row. The launch is ok, but the rest of the ride is awsome. 9/10

After that I went to the other side of Gotham City to ride Batman.

Batman: The Ride- This was my second B:TR after riding the original one at SFGAm. While standing in line I noticed that Mr. Freeze had valleyed. It would not open again that day. The wait was only 10min and the ride was great, very intense and disorienting. 8.5/10

After Batman I decided to go back to Superman- Tower of Power. This was an excellent ride that I really enjoyed. That single riders line cut my wait by about 30min which was great. I then got some fries from a nearby concessions stand. The employees in there seemed to be so pissed off at me for ordering food. I felt like I was interupting them doing nothing. I had heard great things about Shockwave, so I decided to take a ride.

Shockwave- HOLY SH#T!! That is by far the most intense ride I have ever been on. Those loops are incredible! 8/10

I had about a half hour left so I took a ride on The Texas Giant (which I would soon regret).

The Texas Giant- This is by far the WORST roller coaster I have ever been on. I was scared for my life on that ride. It was sooo rough I couldn't take it. The best part of the ride was the final breaks because I knew that the ride was over. 1/10

I left after that dissapointing end to my day. The park itself was quite nice and the themeing was well done. The staff was not the greatest, but I didn't expect much more. Overall I would give the day about a 7/10. Thanks for reading!

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Nice tr, I am heading to Dallas early next month for work, taking some extra days for the weekend and SF is on my list of things to do while there along with Fort Worth.

So Texas Giant was that bad? I was looking forward to it, thought it was supposed to be far better than Mean Streak.

It is. ;)

i'm not sure what to put here..

I thought Mean Streak was horrible.

I thought The Texas Giant was even worse. I honestly felt like I was being brutally beaten up on that ride.

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I loved Texas Giant. Heck, it's my favorite woodie. The only disappointing thing I had to deal with when I went was the closure of Shock Wave due to the floods that occurred several weeks before. Looks like I'll have to go back. Darn.

Sirloindude, whose favorite SF park is easily SFOT.

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones

The new trains that they put on SW really changed it. I think the longer, 3-seat-per-car trains were better.

John Moore

New trains on Shockwave? I think I missed something...
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SFoT is my favorite "big park"......sorry, CP fans (and MM fans ;)), this is THE park to get to. I'll be back in Tejas next year regardless of what gets added....well, there IS that new S-bahn park...;)

Opinions about TX Giant vary more widely than ANY wooden coaster I can think sits in MY top five (along with about 7-8 other coasters). I can take a little roughness when there's "off the hook INTENSITY". It also sounds to be one of those *moody woodies*...and neither of my travelling partners thought as highly of Giant as I did.

Shockwave? I have NO higher-rated inverting coaster....only hypers rate more highly. The rumors of its demise after the flooding last year had me truly upset, SO happy to see that *THE park in the chain* keeps doing ALL the right things...

John Moore said:The new trains that they put on SW really changed it. I think the longer, 3-seat-per-car trains were better.

Shock Wave never had 3 bench cars. It's always had 2 bench cars. And as fas as I known, it still runs its original trains.

The bigger they are, the harder they brake

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