Six flags over Texas - Wanna meet up June 11? Discounts? (please read in entirety)

Hi guys! A 41 year old single adrenaline junkie man from Arkansas here and planning to go to Six Flags over Texas on June 11th but would like company. See below!

I love coasters and will be in the Dallas area that weekend. MY best friend does not do coasters and we are staying with a friend of his and he will want some time with them.

I wanted to see if anyone would be available that Sunday to hang out and ride some coasters. I definitely am game for those real high swings and would like to ride the joker but am n ot certain since its still new in its breaking in period (see next paragraph) I would love to do the Giant and the Judge (love wooden or wooden reimagined (Giant) and the VR coaster (formerly shockwave the ride that got me over my fears of upside down coasters) if they are still doing that.

I am a huge fan of Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City (love it love it love it) and the second season of operation the cars got stuck at the top of the lift hill while I was riding with my ex on it. It was an extended second date and I said oh our first challenge starts now and she passed! To give you an idea three minutes after stoppage she started tickling me. Unfortunately a year and a half later we went our separate ways. I will tell you walking down those rafters or wooden steps besides the lift hill was not easy. Oh by the way we were stuck for half an hour and the crew came up and brought bottled waters and had folks in front and back of us taking our time as we went down. We got a front of the line pass we could use on any ride because of what happened and we went after dark on Outlaw Run (no Fear!) I do not regret it!

I thoroughly enjoyed it as I am an adrenaline junkie and have climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The steps reminded me of that but I had no harness to keep me from falling hundreds of feet were I to trip. Staff was professional.

Anyway, would anyone love to meet up that day. My friend would drop me off probably late morning and I could meet somewhere in the park if anyone is game. It would be fun to do coasters and water rides and thrills with others. I think the justice league looks cool too!

Finally anyone know about discounts? Are there discounts to be h ad what are they? Is online ticketing cheaper or is there a better deal through some merchant or something like Coke did when I went in the early 1990s last time! Thanks!

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Who doesn't like a good tickling?

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Yep! It's unfortunate it didn't work out but you know that's life. :)

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Never let the good ticklers walk away. They are rare specimens.

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Especially if they're French.

What did I Do? While these replies make me laugh I indirectly caused this post to be hijacked off topic. Circling back, Is there anyone in this group who would be up to meeting up and doing coasters at Six Flags Over Texas two weeks from now (June 11th). Are there cheaper ticket options than the pick a date $57 one day admission? Please advise!

You didn't do anything. I just don't know how much luck you are going to have as a newbie posting what sounds like a dating profile to hang out for a day at Six Flags on a group of pretty established regulars. This may not be the best coaster forum for your request (then again, I could be totally wrong)

I get it! I am not looking for a date but wanted to see if anyone was game to do coasters. I shared my age and status just so you all know I am not a teenager and wanted to see if other professional grown ups wanted to do some coasting...looking back at how I started the post I regret wording it as though that was the point starting off with my age, etc. The single part I should not have even put on there because I am done dating for the rest of my life and have no interest in a romantic relationship. That story about Outlaw Run I shared because I mentioned wanting to Ride the Joker but am having concerns because it is new and new coasters get stuck and have downtime more regularly.

Since then I have grown and decided I am happily single and do not want to be married or have a significant other and was not looking for a date. I was wanting to see if there are locals or people in the area who would be up to meeting up and hanging out at the park. I can see where that post initially could be read as though I was looking for something further.

I have no problem going alone. I just think it would be more fun if anyone else would be able to join. Finally, notice that I said meet in the park so obviously there would be a ton of people around and I would not pull shananigans. I do totally get what you're saying and respect the abundance of caution. I am more of an adventurous person and sometimes struggle with my wording. HOpe everyone has a Happy memorial day and if you served our country thank you for fighting for our freedom so I can ride roller coasters and openly discuss stuff!

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I'm booking my flight!

There is probably a Coke can discount available. Check at a local Tom Thumb store for discount tickets at the courtesy desk and check at McDonald's. They often leave out coupons on the counter or have tray liner coupons.

You picked a good weekend by going a week ahead of Father's Day. That almost guarantees that you'll be avoiding a season pass bring-a-friend weekend.

I can just smell the sarcasm of the individual saying "I'm booking my flight" :)

Bigboy thank you!

Was your comment on avoiding the season pass bring a friend weekend sarcasm are are you being serious.

I am thinking about you bringing up Father's day the weekend after and sense sarcasm because I would not think there would be a bring a friend for free on father's day especially if a son or daughter has a pass with a free coupon to bring someone but dad doesn't, they would be probably likely to take their dad that Sunday.

Please let me know if you were being sarcastic and trying to imply (but I didn't pick up on it) that it will real be very busy because by experience that tends to be a weekend where bring a friend takes place for season passes (the weekend before Father's day). I know it sounds weird but I also read your comment as saying Father's day weekend is a bring a friend one and to me that would make no sense. I guess I could google season pass bring a friend dates SFOT. Regardless if you can answer on that great!

FYI Trip advisor had this as one response:

June 12-16

June 19-23

Aug 14-18

Aug 21-25

Sept 2 or 4

No Mother's Day or Father's Day this year

Since Sunday is June 11th I am a little bit relieved if it is in fact not one like you said. Of course I am relying on the poster as Six flags they noted does not list those dates on the website anymore (which really does not surprise me).

Mother's Day and Father's Day weekends are traditionally season pass bring-a-friend free weekends:

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Keep in mind that this was 19 years ago, but...

A friend and I, both passholders, once went to SFoT not knowing it was BAFFF day. The lines were so long that after one lap of the park we left without riding anything.

So no sarcasm there for sure.

SFoT attracts the type of guest that likes free things. And the type of guest who's friends or parents are already in the station. It's one of the last parks I'd want to visit on a crowded day.

Unless you spring for the Flashpass. Definitely spring for the FP if it's crowded.

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SFoT can definitely pack in the crowds. I usually had decent luck on the "bring-a-friend" days but I also wasn't trying to get on everything as it was my home park for 11 years.

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I wouldn't hang the freebie fan label on just that SF park. All of them are giving away the gate. They're all filled with cheap people, myself included.

SFOT does pack in the crowds, but the trick is to work around the crowds. During the brutal part of the summer, the early morning guests start filing out around the time I can get there after work. We try to take advantage of Sundays before 1:00 and after 5:00.

Back in the mid-90s when I worked at the park, bring-a-friend happened on Tuesdays in June and July. We weren't slammed, but it was busier than it would have been otherwise. As a season pass holder, I've avoided the bring-a-friend weekends. We accidentally went during one 2 years ago that was rescheduled following that horrendous rain-filled May. Outside of the long line at the entrance, it wasn't terribly busy.

Thanks gang! This is helpful and thanks for sending the six flags link mentioning Father's day. That makes more sense that it probably would not be bring a friend for free (the weekend before) because weekends are times more tourists could come in who may not have a pass and a clue and I am sure they do not want to give every weekend away for free.

Oh I know it can be busy! I went in the 1990s :). I will try to research call some Tom Thumb stores in advance to see what they offer so I am prepared. I appreciate you all!

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