Six Flags Over Texas - A Long Time Ago

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I've been planning on making this report for a heck of a long time, but I never did get to it. Come to think of, it I even forgot the date...sometime in March.

We got into the park at about 10:30 to 11:00. There was quite a line for tickets, and once we got out we headed over to the New Texas Giant. Although the wait didn't seem too much, we were standing for a good 80 minutes or so. But onto the ride. My Number 1 steel coaster. Period. I never thought I'd say this, but it simply blows Nitro out of the dust. I only rode once in the back left since the line was just too long to come back too. I wanted to come back to it, but I couldn't make it. The lift is pretty fast...a good deal faster than average. Sitting, in the back, it's a bit hard to see when the drop is coming. As you slowly begin to crest the top, you're thinking "this can't be too bad." Then it happens. I only rode it once, and I really can't even remember what happened. I put my hands up. I was ripped out of my seat, and it literally feels like you're going to fall out. There really is no time to catch your breath on this thing other than the break run. The double-up is insane, and you just fly through the over-banks. One hill after the third or so over-bank almost felt a bit too strong as I rammed my thighs into the lap bar. The airtime here is almost as strong as THE HILL on Toro. And this was in the morning. So pretty much, until you hit the brake run, it's just flying out of your seat one every drop and even every turn. I think the second half is really what did it for me though. You fly through the tunnels and hills with an insane speed, and you're literally just hanging onto the lap bar the whole time till the breaks. Overall, this coaster is intense, full of air, and most importantly, FUN.

After NTaG, it was already time to have lunch, so we headed on over to a nearby pizza shop. One word. $40 for a pizza that tasted like crap.

Next, we headed on over to the Titan. I was sitting two cars away from the back, and honestly, the ride is good, but not close to being great. Sure, it has a bunch of positive G's. But apart from that helix, it almost feels like the whole ride is just about 2Gs pushing against you the whole time. Not my cup of coffee. I'd rather have a couple strong moments of G's, but not a sustained amount for the whole ride. The helix was obviously the best part. You're pretty much pressed into your seat the whole time, and I closed my eyes since the tunnel vision really disturbs me. It took me about 20 minutes for my head to clear up too, so like I said, many people like it, but quite frankly, I don't.

We headed on over to Runaway Mountain, but since the line was around 1.5 hours, we skipped it and went to Batman. Not much to say about it really. The ride had the longest wait, easily around 2 hours, and once we got on, it was a pretty fun ride overall. There are strong positive G's on the loops and turns, and I'd prefer it to Titan. In the front, it actually feels a lot faster than it seems. One thing I found annoying was how rough the transitions had gotten. At one point, I had bruises on my elbows from being slapped around.

Next I went to Mr. Freeze. This I actually rode for 3 or 4 times. It was by far the most surprising coaster of the day. After NTaG, it is my favorite coaster in the park. The backwards launch is....stupid. Barely any forces until you exit the tunnel. And that's when the fun starts. The loops were quite smooth and thrilling at the same time. One you hit the tower though, this is where it's at. Sitting in the front looking down is quite unreal. As soon as you think you can't go up any higher, guess what? That's right-you go up even higher. The drop itself has no airtime, but it is pretty thrilling in the front because you get a facefull of speed. The rest of the ride back to the station is just speed. Nothing else.

Unfortunately, Shockwave was closed for maintenance issues or something. By now, it was around 9:30 or something, and we headed on out. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't get on NTaG a bit more, but the lines were pretty long...Anyways, that was my day. It could've been better, but it still was fun nevertheless.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Forgot to mention Superman. Yes, it was pretty fun, but IMO, I think it's in a bad location or something, but it definitely doesn't seem as high as it looks once you're at the top. On the blue tower though, there's a pond beneath you, so the first time you ride it, it adds a bit of an illusion. The drop itself is okay. Your standard drop tower kind of drop. You're up out of your seat for a bit, and that's about it.

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Mind like a trap. Are you sure you didn't leave closer to 9:35?

I can't remember what I did last week, let alone some day in March.

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I have already covered my obsession with Mr. Freeze elsewhere, (The "dreaming about coasters" thread) but it's no secret how much I love that ride. I have yet to ride it backwards, because it's always closed for Holiday in the Park, when we've been going the past few years. But when I used to live in Dallas, I rode the crap outta that thing.

As for NTG, I've only had 2 rides in it, but I agree with you. It's an absolutely amazing ride. Our rides were one in the front row, one in the back. And they were "non-rev" style re-rides, so back to back. I got off that second ride knowing I could not do a 3rd in a row. It's the first and still only of that style of track that I've ridden. I love that it has all the feel of a wooden coaster in style, but the smoothness of steel.

I used to love the Old TG, but as the years went on, it got almost unbearable. Compared to the old one, I think the "magic carpet finale" as I've heard it referred to as, was actually better on the old one. It just felt like it did more and was more out of control. While the new one was smoother, it didn't have the insane feeling of the old one. But still, no complaints... it's an incredible ride and the whole package is really all the intensity I can handle in one ride.

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I have been watching the reconstruction of the coasters that are getting the new track work. Texas Giant looks awesome, and so does Iron Rattler. I am hoping that Mean Streak at Cedar point will be next on the list. Maybe have a barrel roll at the end of the ride. I think that would be cool.

They should do something with Mean Streak. It kinda sucks.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Couldn't agree more. I'd rather they do that than Colossus. It would make the worst coaster at CP the best.

You don't need a parachute to jump out of an airplane. You need one to do it again.

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