Six Flags Over Georgia retires the bumper cars

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Dodge City Bumper Cars, an attraction at Six Flags Over Georgia for more than 40 years, stopped running Thursday when the park closed for the night. All week Six Flags posted hints on their Twitter account about a ride closing. Gene Petriello, communications manager at Six Flags, said the ride is being removed to make room for a bigger attraction.

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Haven't ridden those bumper cars since Viper was around the corner....even as a walk-on, they were a "walk on by..."

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That's because you're spoiled.

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We hit Rue le Dodge on opening day in Santa Clara and they were ridiculously fast. Something to be said for off-season cleaning and maintenance. Anyway, I get bummed when parks ditch family rides. But if they replace it with a rumored dark ride, more power to them.

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One of the gross things about working bumper cars is if you blew your nose after a shift it was pitch black. Sadly, I suspect these may start going the way of the log flume. Super low capacity and maintenance costs are catching up with them.

I'm glad Cedar Point moved theirs instead of taking them out.

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And they also bought new cars for the ride this year, so it will be around for a long time.

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I love the colour scheme and new location of CPs. That whole midway has evolved nicely, especially with Tiki Twirl and everything there.

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Pete said:
And they also bought new cars for the ride this year, so it will be around for a long time.

Yes. At Dorney.

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Just make them VR bumper cars and you can market it as a brand new attraction.

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