Six Flags Over Georgia previews its Justice League ride, under construction

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Six Flags Over Georgia is offering a peek at what lurks inside its new-for-2017 adventure ride, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. The Joker’s lair, Lex Luthor’s LexCorp and more are taking shape inside the ride’s massive building, which covers nearly half the size of a football field. Next spring it will be ready for the pair of villains to wreak havoc and capture the Justice League heroes. And for riders to come to the rescue.

Read more and see video from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Butter my nipples and call me Margarine Tits, this looks like it will be an awesome ride! Can't wait!!!

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I'm not a fan of shoot 'em up dark rides. But I rode the Gurnee iteration of this ride and really enjoyed it.

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I've heard the rides are good when they work. A friend in St Louis rode theirs during the 2nd season and he said (after a long wait) most of the effects were missing or not operating.

So it seems the Cotton States Exhibition area (a weird little corner of the park for a while now, anyway) will go away completely with GASM and whatever Ninja is now "moved" to the Lickskillit section. Aside from a re-theming of rides (that won't happen), I'm not sure how that works. And I don't know why things like that bug me, but they do.

This ride will occupy the former site of the Dodgems and a new super hero area will develop. That's fine, but don't they already have a super-themed area in the opposite corner of the park?

Ah, the mystery of Six Flags "theme" parks everywhere.

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