Six Flags over Georgia 7/22/18

Hit this park for the first time after dropping my sister at the airport, and I had a great time before the rain shut everything down around 6 pm.

Georgia Scorcher was a great stand-up (that i might like even more than Riddler’s Revenger), Goliath is just fantastic (although the first drop is kinda not much), and Twisted Cyclone really packs a lot of thrills into a short ride. Their Batman was pretty sweet, it really felt a bit smoother and quicker than the one at Magic Mountain. Mindbender, Blue Hawk, and Dahlonega Mine are cool for what they are, but I’ve got nothing kind to say about the Great American Scream Machine. The Daredevil Dive Coaster ain’t much, to me, and the wait isn’t justified. I missed Superman because the single-rider line “wasn’t working” (wtf?). On a side-note, I wish they were more consistent about letting single riders come up the exit and fill seats. Goliath and Twisted Cyclone were doing it all day long and that’s fantastic, but some ride operators on others just gave me a dopey look and had nothing really to say when I asked them what’s the point in just letting empty seats go by, when I was literally standing right there. Oh well, I can’t complain too much about not being allowed to cut the line, lol.

Overall, this is a really nice park, clean and well-maintained withe something for everyone, and even with the weather cutting the day a bit short I had a great time and had some friendly conversations with everyone I met.

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