Six Flags Over Georgia 7/22 I love the Cyclone!

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My friend's church was to be heading out to Six Flags on the 22, so I went and had a blast.

The Weather: 90-95 degrees and partly cloudy

We arrived at the park and the adults immediately headed for the "Back entrance". We wasted about ten minutes looking for that before they finally heeded my warnings of there not being one for about 7 years, and we went on towards the real gate.We bought our tickets and my group of seven headed for...

Batman: The Ride- First Ride of the day and it was running sweetly. My Group rode in the Seventh Row but I slipped behind them and took a back seat right ride and I most definately agree it is the best seat on the coaster. Later we took a second ride and it was running so intensly that I couldn't breathe during the first corkscrew. Honestly, if this was a rough ride, I don't believe I would've ever gotten on it again. But thankfully it's smooth, so it's wickedly awesome. 9/10

We then had to go to lunch with all of the other groups at Dejay's Diner(due to a late arrival time), but I slipped out of that and went across the path to play a round of DDR in the arcade. I played with one of the arcade operators, who was better than me. We did Spin the Disc, Tsugaru, and CSFILSM. I failed the last because of the stuffy 90 degree arcade temperature, and doing Tsugaru just before. I'm sure that I could beat that song easily though.

We then went on to our next ride...

Looping Starship-Something about rides that stall in mid air I like. Great Fun, but the guy next to me yelling the whole time was annoying.6/10

Everybody in my group wanted to do Superman next , so we headed towards that direction. I got my first look at the new kiddie coaster, which is definately the biggest kiddie I've ever seen, and it has very well done theming, especially around the entrance of the ride. I'm looking forward to getting on this ride next year. Continuing on we headed to the left instead of Carousel hill and ended up getting on...

Ninja-The quote that the parent that was with us made at the end of the ride was perfect :"You know, that ride is really shaky." I wonder why the ride's track shakes so much on this ride. The break run must go back and forth a good 3-4 inches when the train stops, and the ride is just shaky all the way throughout. Does the fact that the ride is on a lake have anything to do with it's roughness? it seems like it wouldn't, but still....Even in the second to last seat, this ride is lame. 3/10

We went on to Supes, but noticed that the line was awful looking, so we got in line for...

Great American Scream Machine- This turned out to be the longest wait of the day at about an Hour (since they were only running one train, gah), but it worked out as this was the best ride I had ever taken on this coaster. It was in the back seat, and there was floater airtime on every hill but two. The ride was a tad rough, but certainly bearable. 8/10

After waiting for two people in our group to finish their ride in the front seat, we finally got in line for...

Superman- The ride today, even in the back seat, was weak. The coaster was running poorly, and the dispatches were slow. The Pretzel loop felt no stronger than in the Front seat, and the rest of the ride was simply boring. The rest of my group felt the same, so it was really doing badly today. Nomally my favorite ride, but today just average.5/10

At this point I was getting a hankering to go ride the Cyclone, but the rest of my group was less enthused to. They wanted to do a water ride, which I was totally opposed to, since it was 3:30 and 90+ degree weather. Nevertheless, we ended up getting into the line for Thunder River. After 15 minutes of sitting in the exact same spot, we left the line and headed towards the USA section again. We passed through but took a right Back into Gotham City and into the line for...

Mindbender- I rode in seat 2-1 on this one and got a pretty normal Mindbender run. This ride never really changes, but it's awesome every time. I do shiver to think how intense that second loop would be without the trims. 8/10

We then took a quick ride on...

Gotham City Crime Wave- I love this addition to the park, swing rides are so relaxing. The wind on these rides make them a great way to cool off too. I do wish the ride ran a longer cycle though 7/10

After waiting on my friend to buy a slushie, we went back into the USA section and got on...

Freefall-Everyone in my group laughed the whole way through this ride, and we had a penny catching contest. I love this ride so much more than Acrophobia, since the drop is better, the ride has more personality, and the clunkiness of it makes it silly fun. I love it, and will be sad if it goes next year, or ever. 7.5/10

It was time for another group meet up, but we were late, so by the time we got off Freefall and back to Dejay's Diner, we were ready to skip dinner and just go ahead as a whole church to...

Georgia Scorcher- I rode in the second to last seat on the left side, which resulted in a normal Scorcher ride. nothing spectacular, but the way my seat was positioned, I got weak in the knees for the last two hours of the day. 7/10

After Georgia Scorcher we split back into our mini groups and we finally headed down the hill to...

Georgia Cyclone- After waiting for about 15 minutes and a train adding, I got a back seat ride on this coaster, and it was delicious. Wow! The air in the back is absolutely nuts on the first five hills, and on the fourth drop it coughs you up so hard into the lapbar it hurts! The sideways air on the first two hills is psycho, and the third drop is the best from my perspective. The ride was the roughest in the park, but the airtime is too crazy to deny. This ride just cracked into my top ten Overall, and into my 5th spot for wood (Son of beast, Thunder Run, Thunderhead, Raven, GA Cyclone). After the second ride in the back, I think I'm in love. 9.5/10

After the insanity and bruising of Cyclone, we headed for our final rides back in Gotham City, on Batman and then Mindbender, both of which were better than our previous rides on each. We met up with the church at the front of the park in front of the Giant Mr. Six Balloon people (hilarious) and headed out of the park. On the way home, we stopped at a Taco Bell, for some cheap food (finally).

Overall, I'm Highly impressed with the park this year. All of the new additions this year look great, park employees are happier, and the Water Fountains are colder. Dejay's was cleaner than it ever has been before, I can't comment on the other restaurants because I didn't go into any. The best addition this year though are the new fans at every games stall with the mist, those are very, very welcome.

The one thing I really would love to see this park do is go down on their food prices, as they were too high all day. But the prices weren't really any worse than any other chain park, so really, I'd just like a industry prices lowering, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Oh well.

Great day at the park, and thanks for reading my first TR!

So is the new coaster completed?

Also, what's going on with Deja Vu? Is it running?

I'm headed that way this Friday...



I agree, I thought the Georgia Cyclone was awesome the day I rode it. I wasn't that impressed with Mindbender, I didn't seem to have airtime at all. The Shockwave at SFoT seems like a much better ride- maybe I'm just spoiled.

The pretzel loop was VERY intense on Superman:UF two years ago when I visited SFoG. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Ninja was a rough as hell nightmare, you can keep that hunk of junk.

As for Georgia Scorcher, I wince in pain every time that name appears on one of these threads. Don't ask! *** Edited 7/27/2004 6:43:53 AM UTC by Dan1***

Ah Pink Doom.. Love for my baby. You're ok in MY book!

Brian, who says Cyclone is the airtime equivalent to SFNE's RoS.

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Dan1 said:
I wasn't that impressed with Mindbender, I didn't seem to have airtime at all. The Shockwave at SFoT seems like a much better ride- maybe I'm just spoiled.

Yes, Dan1, yes you ARE! The very name Shockwave has been *sullied* by every other ride to bear the name. I sure hope they get it up and running soon. Mindbender at it's peak is a fantastic ride (esp. at night), and I'd even argue that it makes BETTER use of the terrain, but SFoT's Anton is an AWESOME creation, and does feature a lot more instances of airtime, with nice vairety to them.

As far as Ga. Cyclone, I have had a few of THOSE rides on it, but it has been *inconsistent*...sorry Brian.

bill, also VERY interested to hear about the state/progress of the Mini-mine train....;)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

thepinkdoomofmonkeys said:

The one thing I really would love to see this park do is go down on their food prices, as they were too high all day.

As opposed to just part of the day?:)

Jazzman said:
So is the new coaster completed?

Also, what's going on with Deja Vu? Is it running?

I'm headed that way this Friday...



The mini Mine Train has pretty much everything completed except the entrance scenery. The track has been done for a while, and the tunnels looked very near completion, if not done. I could see it opening in the next week and a half, unless the areas inside around the queue line aren't finished

Deja Vu is dead, and I don't see it operating very soon. there was absolutely nothing going on with it, and I'm guessing the new motor isn't there yet.

Acrophobia was closed all day, but we never went over there to see what was going on.

Chattanooga needs a [B][I]ITG2[/I][/B] Machine!
Is Freefall like Cedar Point's Demon Drop? Because those rides are AWESOME!

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

Nice TR tpdom!!

I especially liked...

The way you had a break before each ride description, keeping me on the edge of my chair :)

Fate is the path of least resistance.

thepinkdoomofmonkeys said: The ride was the roughest in the park, but the airtime is too crazy to deny. This ride just cracked into my top ten

I'm surprised it didn't crack more than that. The Georgia Cyclone is the roughest woodie that I have ever ridden. I do agree that it does have some of the best drops in the back seat. *** Edited 7/27/2004 8:14:53 PM UTC by The_Anomaly***

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*Long horrified gasssssp*

Perish the thought. I'd love to see your track record if Cyclone is the roughest woodie out there. Heck, your own Hurler is giving 10x rougher rides in the back than my Cyclone. ;) *** Edited 7/29/2004 11:13:14 AM UTC by Homey G.***

Cyclone has just the right amount of roughness to it and the air in the back is super sweet. That air in the back seat (I think on the 3rd drop?) is for me only surpassed by that insane drop on the Cyclops. It didn't take long for the Cyclone (like my second visit to the park) to become my favorite coaster at SFOG.
I'd have to agree with the fact that Hurler gives rougher rides than Cyclone, and Coney Island Cyclone, and PKI's Beasts, and Pavilion's Hurricane and...well you get the idea.

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